Labour’s local election lies and the sham of democracy

Exasperated socialist Simon Vessey has had enough of Labour’s local election campaign lies and the resulting sham of democracy where entire communities of working class and marginalised people have no chance at true representation via the major parties The truth about Barnet In early April, Labour launched their local election campaign in Barnet at an… Read More

What will they do with state power?

Exasperated socialist Simon Vessey explains how the Labour right repeatedly exploit and embolden right wing narratives to achieve their internal party goals Labour are driving out socialists who oppose cuts, social cleansing and apartheid. Democracy is being subverted to protect corrupt council fiefdoms whilst upholding white supremacy at a local and national level. If this… Read More

The Real Trojan Horse Affair

Our new columnist Simon Vessey aka The Exasperated Socialist tackles head on the curious tale of the two trojan horses. The Trojan Horse Affair’s Hamza Syed and Brian Reed have spoken of their frustrations at the British media’s reaction to their popular expose. Unlike previous Guardian and BBC reporting they proved politicians knew that they… Read More

Who will confront the New Labour threat?

Simon Vessey dissects the Labour Party’s right wing and their cover up of institutional racism and bigotry in the party There is a grim predictability in seeing yet another crisis being exploited by right wing politicians and journalists to attack left wingers for socialist and anti-imperialist stances. Even more frustrating is the anaemic response from… Read More