Ramadan in Yemen

Journalist Abdullah Ali interviews Yemenis on how social initiatives are contributing to the alleviation of the suffering of Yemen during Ramadan Under the weight of the Ramadan night and during the day, Youssef Mahdi, 38, travels with a group of young people between the homes of poor families in the countryside of central Yemen. Their… Read More

The Real Trojan Horse Affair

Our new columnist Simon Vessey aka The Exasperated Socialist tackles head on the curious tale of the two trojan horses. The Trojan Horse Affair’s Hamza Syed and Brian Reed have spoken of their frustrations at the British media’s reaction to their popular expose. Unlike previous Guardian and BBC reporting they proved politicians knew that they… Read More

Liz Truss supports Britons to go and fight for Ukraine – while removing citizenship of others

Credit: PA In light of Liz Truss, UK Foreign Secretary’s, remarks yesterday that she supports individuals from the UK who want to go and fight for Ukraine and the UK’s recent measures to revoke the citizenship of Britons including those who have fought in conflicts overseas Shahnaz Ahsan explores the distinction between ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ conflicts, and… Read More

Trojan Horse: And then they came for me | THE TWERKING GIRL

As the backlash from the Trojan Horse podcast continues, Media Diversified columnist Ava Vidal wonders why some didn’t see the affair coming You must have your head in the sand if you don’t know the story of The Trojan Horse Affair by now. The false plot that Islamists were taking over a school in Birmingham… Read More

Islamophobia Is Having A Moment. But I Have Questions…

Our mysterious satirist Raf turns his lens on the Labour party’s and Sir Keir Starmer’s sudden affection for Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani   When Zora Neale Houston coined the term “All my skinfolk ain’t kinfolk” she was definitely onto something. Especially if said non-kinfolk-skinfolk have built a career being the dependable Muslim. The one you… Read More

Call for Immediate Parliamentary Debate on 300,000 signature parliamentary petition on draconian #NationalityAndBordersBill

Use this template to write to your MP calling for an immediate arliamentary Debate on 300,000 signature parliamentary petition on draconian #NationalityAndBordersBill Read More