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Subject: VERY URGENT Call for Immediate Parliamentary Debate on 300,000 signature parliamentary petition on draconian NATIONALITY and BORDERS Bill

Dear (Your MP’s name) (Your constituency e.g Conservative, Ashfield):

This is (Your name), as your constituent, I am writing to you urgently about a current major bill on immigration and nationality rights which is going through the House of Commons and the House of Lords. This is the Nationality and Borders Bill 2021, initiated by Priti Patel MP, the Home Secretary. This highly controversial Bill, has attracted nearly 300,000 signatures in a UK parliamentary public petition. As your constituent, I request that you press for an immediate parliamentary debate on this Bill, due to the mammoth size of these signatories, and not least the VERY URGENT nature of this in motion BILL which could imminently become law!


This Bill seeks to create various, dangerous reversals of pre-existing fundamental protections and safeguards which are already given as basic-level rights to existing migrating British citizens. This includes persons who have British citizenship/nationality since their direct birth in the UK or have secured this in law upon migration. The current Bill seeks to give the British government, extra-ordinary and far-reaching powers in law, to remove this fundamentally secure and protected British nationality.

It is much feared that, the extra-ordinary and draconian powers from this Bill, will be directed against non-white populations. Not least, those who upset and annoy British diplomatic ties with other governments, by raising protests on human rights, justice issues and self-determination.

For example successive British governments (both Tory and Labour) have demonstrated an eagerness to appease the Indian state and hand over or facilitate the capture of Panjaabi-Sikh activists by the Indian state, like Jasbir Singh Robe, Karamjit Singh Chahal, Paramjit Singh Dhadi, Balbir Singh Bains, Jagtar Singh Johal and West Midlands 3.
Earlier this year, Priti Patel tried to push through the extradition of three British Panjaabi-Sikh activists (West Midlands 3), on the say so of PM Modi. However, legal intervention through the courts, comprehensively stopped that. It is feared that, under the powers of this new Bill, the British Government will be able to override the courts in such future cases.  

Priti Patel as the Home Secretary, with her extra-ordinary and unchecked powers, will be a frightening force; despite her miniature size as a person. As aforementioned, the Bill seeks to give the UK government draconian and excessive powers, to take away life-long British citizenship from persons like me who are UK born, settled and integrated over 5-decades in UK society. The security of even my legal status in the UK, is now under prospective peril; despite me being British in birth, schooling, work, living and so much more. 

The present Nationality and Borders Bill 2021, which is being led and championed by the same Priti Patel, no less; seeks to take away the basic, fundamental and enduring legal safeguards against removal of British citi\enship/nationality and the opportunity for legal redress against actions by the state to undermine or rescind the same British nationality.

There is strong concern that, this Bill will seek to restrict, limit and press down the rights of multiple ethnic minority, non-white population groups who have either come and settled here as immigrants many decades earlier and/or the current migrating populations who are arriving as refugees or as general migrants. And, even the British born non-white populations. 

There is a massive level of concern across the UK’s migrant and overseas ethnic communities; that this is the start of a bold and invasive reversal of their otherwise guaranteed rights and protections in UK law and custom and practise. Bodies like the Law Society and Home Affairs Select Committee (House of Commons), have expressive their profound concern on the legal encroachments that this Bill is seeking to make.

Many communities, like the Panjaabi-Sikh, Tamils, Kashmiri, Caribbean, African, etc , feel imperilled by this new prospective law that is currently going through parliament. 

As my MP, I hope you will have the courage and moral courage to raise the concerns I have set out above.


(Your name and constituency)

Abridged text provided by Jagdeesh Singh, constituent Coventry (North-East)

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For ideas about how you may resist the bill use BID Detention’s template to email your MP that the #BordersBill will criminalise refugees, erode the meagre rights of those subject to immigration control & sow further division into UK society. Click here for the petition. opposing clause 9 of the Nationality and Borders Bill. Sign, and share on your social media channels.

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