“Some People Are Gaysian – Get Over It!”

Article first published in February 2015 by Khakan Qureishi Last year, I participated in a project whose aim was to explore the issues surrounding people who identify as LGBT amongst South Asian communities in the UK. The interviewer asked the following three questions: 1) Why are LGBT South Asians still “hidden”? 2) Why aren’t there… Read More

The NHS is still failing Black women – and the pandemic hasn’t helped

Allyiah navigated the NHS during the pandemic as a young Black woman with chronic hip pain and found a world of closed services, waiting lists and learning to manage pain on her own “There will be a significant wait and you may be overlooked due to the colour of your skin”– okay well what’s new? It’s… Read More

In Europe, just when does the human cost of war begin to matter?

Lee Jasper reflects on the response of Western governments to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The war in Ukraine perfectly gaslights white supremacy. Behind the tears and appeals for democracy and human rights lies a bloody and grimacing face of a white supremacist imperial Western war machine. We all feel for Ukrainians, who wouldn’t, right?… Read More

An open letter on the reporting of Ukraine: Do not let people of colour be a casualty of war

Marcus Ryder’s Black On White TV blog examines issues of race and diversity in British TV and across the media. It is interested in issues of representation and equality both in front of the camera and behind it Dear newsroom editors and journalists reporting on the current war in Ukraine, First may I thank you… Read More

Trojan Horse: A failure of British journalism

Long time contributor Raf ponders the media response to the Trojan Horse Affair New York Times podcast and once again finds British journalism standards to be lacking The Trojan Hoax podcast is giving me farce, high drama, soap opera and comedy characters on a par with Four Lions the film by Chris Morris. It has… Read More

Why We Should Stop Using The Term Karen

The term Karen is a popular internet meme to denote the white woman who calls the cops on Black people minding their business. However LeRon Barton argues that it can trivialise acts of racist violence. Waking up every morning, my thoughts consist of being productive, a reliable family member and friend, a writer who aims… Read More

THEATRE REVIEW | Queens of Sheba: If you know, you know

Luke Elliott reviews Queens of Sheba at the Soho Theatre and finds Black sisterhood putting out the fires of misogynoir I took my seat for Queens of Sheba on the balcony of the Soho Theatre to Tems playing on the speakers overhead – a pretty good start. I didn’t know what to expect from this… Read More

War Inna Diaspora | THE TWERKING GIRL

In a welcome return, Media Diversified columnist Ada Vidal discusses the diaspora wars that often rage on Black Twitter and whether the debates are as harmless as they first seem Diaspora Wars have been around since the beginning of… well actually I don’t know when it started to be honest. The earliest ones that I… Read More

Dialect snobbery reinforces power in the British class system

Jacinta Nandi discusses how dialect snobbery relates to classism in the UK and how we should be proud of how we speak even if it’s not “received pronunciation”. Back in the olden days, i.e., the early 2000s, when I still wanted to become a stand-up comedian, my friend and I were going to an open-mike… Read More