We need to ensure the legacy of black and brown cultural activism

Black and brown artists have always given us that power to resist, but we need to work together to maintain their legacy writes Nusrat Faizullah Read More


The University of Glasgow is owning up to its racist past, what about the rest of UK higher education?

Furaha Asani asks to what extent we can achieve race equality, when the powerful don’t include themselves in the effort for change Read More

‘This is an industry rife with cronyism, nepotism, racism and sexism’ writes Kolton Lee, calling for change in British film

Many in the ‘creative economies’ discuss ‘diversity’ in such an abstract and intellectual way that it de-politicises real and everyday injustice, writes filmmaker and academic Kolton Lee  Read More

The Bedouin village Al Khan al Ahmar is the latest victim in Israel’s long list of war crimes

“Should the Israeli authorities choose to implement the outstanding demolition orders in the community and force the people to leave, they would not only generate significant humanitarian hardship but also commit one of the grave breaches of international humanitarian law” Read More