Palestinians must be able to speak their truth

The row about how the Labour Party defines anti-Semitism is ongoing and vitriolic but this is more than just a pedantic battle over words, there is a deliberate attempt to silence the voices of the Palestinian people. Media Diversified stands with all marginalised communities and defends their right to tell their stories based on their… Read More

Let’s say goodbye to respectability, and welcome assertiveness (Part 2)

Beth Collier shares psychotherapeutic perspectives on the harm of Respectability and why it’s time to welcome a new era of Assertiveness Read More

Political satire and the inside story on British policing, two new books by writers of colour reviewed

Cardyn Brooks reviews And Then God Created the Middle East and Said ‘Let There Be Breaking News’ by Karl reMarks and The Filth, The Explosive Inside Story of Scotland Yard’s Top Undercover Cop by Duncan MacLaughlin and William Hall Read More

The Bedouin village Al Khan al Ahmar is the latest victim in Israel’s long list of war crimes

“Should the Israeli authorities choose to implement the outstanding demolition orders in the community and force the people to leave, they would not only generate significant humanitarian hardship but also commit one of the grave breaches of international humanitarian law” Read More