Lee Jasper reflects on the response of Western governments to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine perfectly gaslights white supremacy. Behind the tears and appeals for democracy and human rights lies a bloody and grimacing face of a white supremacist imperial Western war machine.

We all feel for Ukrainians, who wouldn’t, right?
I’ll tell you who wouldn’t – these same European Governments who now taste the bitter sting of war, death and disaster, whose leaders sing the siren songs of human rights and democracy, the same people who sell arms to the apartheid Israeli state, the same people whose wars have decimated Africa and the Middle East.

The very same people whose arms industries sold fighter jets to the theocratic fascists of Saudi Arabia and the same people who watched the murder of Yemeni babies on their 4K television screens whilst having their Just Eat dinner and switched over to Netflix.

The very same people whose arms workers are perfectly content to go to work to build bombs that have killed literally millions of Black and Brown peoples in Africa and the Middle East. Content to drive home, kiss their children, and relax in the financial security secured from the incinerated flesh, blood and bones of literally millions of non-white peoples.

From Iraq to the Congo from Libya to Lebanon, the Western war machine sells arms to all sides in any war, and now we’re expected to believe that Western governments cherish universal human rights and democracy?

While Black and Brown people die in their millions, fleeing war, poverty and destruction inflicted by murderous regimes supplied and supported by the West, these defenders of human rights refused to take refugees but continued to take the profits of war.

This is a war between white imperialist nations over geostrategic domination and now you see white women and babies incinerated, cities that look like yours smashed by Russian bombs, you weep for democracy and human rights?
Now a European city suffers as Black and Brown nations have for centuries we all must find our humanity?

Who could not but feel for such terrible human suffering? I’ll tell you who – European governments who, happy with the profits of war, will see the human devastation caused by western neo-imperialism, war, poverty and pestilence in Africa and the Middle East and smile at the smouldering dead bodies, famished families and refuse to give them sanctuary as refugees, whilst increasing their arms sales to these despotic regimes.

In Ukraine, it’s not just the acrid stench of burning flesh and bombs you can smell. It’s also the toxic stench of western hypocrisy.

Lee Jasper is the Vice-Chair for Black & Asian Lawyers for Justice, co-founder of BARAC UK and Former Equality lead for the London Criminal Justice Board

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