Dr. Nafeez Ahmed’s guide to the eight unprecedented and undemocratic bills that the Tories are trying to pass this year

Nafeez Ahmed analyses eight bills which, taken as a whole, reveal an unprecedented and undemocratic ethno-nationalist power grab First Published in the Byline Times under the title Citizenship of Quarter of Britons at Risk as Conservatives Construct An Authoritarian Legal Infrastructure The focus on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s lockdown party antics has allowed the Conservative… Read More

Call for Immediate Parliamentary Debate on 300,000 signature parliamentary petition on draconian #NationalityAndBordersBill

Use this template to write to your MP calling for an immediate arliamentary Debate on 300,000 signature parliamentary petition on draconian #NationalityAndBordersBill Read More

The Nationality and Borders Bill: Imperial nostalgia, fascist resurgence and social control

In this searing critique of the UK government’s implementation of the Nationality and Borders Bill, Guilaine Kinouani argues that it lays bare the dangers of superficial ‘diversity and inclusion’ at the highest levels of government and makes the case for how we must resist border violence as social control Arguably the most ‘diverse’ cabinet in… Read More

Faith and Fundamentalism: creating art from uncertainty

by Rajeev Balasubramanyam  Two weeks ago I met an artist who hadn’t produced any work since Trump’s election in November. She was in shock, felt helpless and bereft. ‘I just want things to go back to normal,’ she said, ‘and then I can make art again.’ By ‘normal,’ I suspect she meant a return to… Read More

Darcus Howe: His wordplay was swordplay

This weekend we lost journalist, activist and thinker Darcus Howe. In Darcus’ long career, he meant many different things to many different people. To pay homage to an undeniable trailblazer in the fight against racism and colonialism, here are seven different views on the man. Kiri Kankhwende It’s hard to sum up Howe’s immense contribution… Read More

We are witnessing not an apathy for politics, but a hunger for change from the template

by Chimene Suleyman It is possible to understand that associating with someone who does not favour the marginalised is not unequivocally an admission of being racist, a woman-hater, or anti-gay rights. It may not excuse the individual from blindly aligning and enabling a repressive structure, but that is for them to deconstruct at their own pace.… Read More