How the West lies to itself in order to destroy the Other

The West is facing a growing crisis – one that is swarming its borders, bankrupting its economies, exploiting its welfare systems, undermining its values and terrorizing its streets. That crisis is the other: the refugee, the migrant, the Syrian, the Mexican, the Muslim. Or so goes the great drama of our day, played out on… Read More

Celebrating the life and times of J A Rogers – one of the leading Black historians of all time

by Patrick Vernon  After my recent article on the absence of black historians and the growing network of independent black scholars, I felt I wanted to share one of my personal heroes who embodies the characteristics and challenges that black historians face today. This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Joel Augustus Rogers,… Read More

Trump has succeeded in an America that is already pre-disposed to racial suspicion

by Chimene Suleyman   Long before Donald Trump became known as a political contender, communities of colour tussled with the spaces between campaign lines. Either side of economic graphs and cultural cut-backs remains our instinct, from which we may swiftly tell if this is an individual who will push a person of colour under the bus, or… Read More

Citizenship as alienation: where is the immigrant’s nation?

by Vipasha Bansal  A Dutch passport containing an Indian name and a photograph of an Indian looking person invokes a paradox. A message of mobility and citizenship at an airport customs counter becomes simultaneously blended with othering and minority status. We – “immigrants” – traverse the public spaces of our (new) nation-states, adopt phrases and… Read More

Hypervisible Bodies: Protesting White Supremacy Whilst Racialised

by Sinthujan Varatharajah Brandon Brooks, the white teenager who filmed the violent attack by white police officers against black teenagers in McKinney, Texas, has been widely celebrated by mainstream media. Despite his young age and racial background, he poignantly analysed the racism (but not the racialised gender politics) inherent in the events. Brooks’ comments stood… Read More

David Cameron confidant promotes forced depopulation of Muslims in Europe

Senior Tory peer and former Times editor, Lord Finkelstein, sits on board of think-tank promoting far-right racism and extremism by Nafeez Ahmed   Lord Daniel Finkelstein, a close confidant of Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, has expressed his pride in providing a platform for racist far-right extremist views, and… Read More

When it comes to UK foreign policy, is it devil in a blue tie, devil in a red tie?

by Robert Kazandjian On the 7th of May, British citizens go to the polls. The mainstream media is currently sweltering, overcome by election fever. We are bombarded by the false promises of white, privately educated men. Domestically, change in governance may signal a tiptoe left towards the centre ground or perhaps drag us ever further… Read More

Part 2: Britain: A history of shopkeeping, empire and racial tensions

Space, smells and cosmopolitanism in the British Asian corner shop by Sita Balani In my last post I sketched out a history of the corner shop as a key and mundane site of English nation building, subverted and reconfigured by post-war migration and the movement of colonial others into the heart of this national institution.… Read More

Britain: A history of shopkeeping, empire and racial tensions

by Sita Balani   This Is England directed by Shane Meadows (2006) is explicit in its concern with race and national identity: eponymous England is a place heaving with racial tension in the story of Shaun, a white working class boy in the North East in the early 1980s, who finds friendship and guidance in… Read More

Soundtrack To The Struggle – The Core Tenets Of Resistance

by Dubem Menakaya Soundtrack To The Struggle is more than ‘political’ music.  It’s more than an artist’s personal story.   It’s an encapsulation of growth.  It’s a detailed analysis of the depths of corporate greed.  It’s a body of work that will come to symbolise the period of time that we currently live in Next in… Read More