Gendered school uniforms: only a problem if there’s a hijab involved?

Mariya bint Rehan writes back to those taking issue with hijabs as part of children’s school uniform after UK retailer M&S faced backlash for putting them on sale Read More

Terror is Terror, Even If the Victim Wears Hijab

by Shireen Ahmed There was barely enough time to grieve properly for all the victims of this month’s terror attacks, before I and countless other Muslims were pushed into fearing for our own safety. Waking up one morning last week, I heard the news that a Muslim woman was attacked outside her children’s school. She… Read More

So Nadiya won the Great British Bake Off, why the big deal?

By Henna Zamurd-Butt  Surely in “melting pot Britain” no one should be batting an eyelid at Nadiya Hussain’s win of the Great British Bake Off? Well yeah. But clearly the pot’s not as melted as we’d have hoped because the media has been flipping out about it all week. The Mail even broke its three-year run… Read More

Self-Love Amidst Marginalisation

by Somayra Ismailjee  This piece is for every woman who suffers at the hands of a white supremacist, cissexist and ableist heteropatriarchy, and for every woman who has suffered at the hands of colonialism and continues to suffer at the hands of Western imperialism. This piece is for marginalised women. For women of colour. For… Read More

In defence of #WorldHijabDay

by Rubab Zaidi Like it or not, World Hijab Day is now officially a part of the calendar. And as with everything even remotely linked to hijab and/or Muslims it comes with its own set of controversies, debates, arguments, disagreements and criticisms. This article, for example, is full of all of the above. You probably… Read More

Why I won’t be wearing the ‘Poppy Hijab’

In the latest attempt at unabashed apologism, Muslim groups such as the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) have asked Muslim women to don a ‘Poppy Hijab’ in order to remember the Muslim soldiers that took part in the two world wars. Sughra Ahmed, president of the ISB suggested that these hijabs would “take attention away from extremists”. Read More