When will we stop blaming Black single mother households for violent crime?

Once again, Black single mother households have been cited as a cause of violent crime. As Miranda Armstrong discusses, these notions are not only based on stereotypes that do not reflect the reality for many, but can also prove harmful to Black mothers and their children. Picture is a stock photo. From #MDAcademics We are… Read More

Will you ruin your child’s life?

by Jendella Benson  “Well, as a mother…” If I’m honest I’ve been tempted to draw blood upon hearing this obnoxious qualifier more than once. While parenthood does afford you another perspective on many things, the sanctimonious emphasis on being a mother can be kind of unbearable. When Andrea Leadsom found herself opposing Theresa May in… Read More

Preparing Your Children For The Apocalypse

by Jendella Benson In the immortal words of rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham, “Man, what a time to be alive! You and yours, versus me and mine!” When the annals of history are compiled, what will 2016 be known as? The year of Brexit and Trump? The year Prince and Bowie passed on? Or perhaps we’ll… Read More

The Importance of Conversations and Community

by Jendella Benson I didn’t realise I had postnatal depression until I wrote about it. And even then I didn’t accept it fully until other mothers read what I had written and told me, “I had postnatal depression too!” I’d been diagnosed with depression and anxiety before, and had spoken about it and my experience… Read More

‘Baby Brain’ and Other Myths

by Jendella Benson  I hate the term ‘baby brain’. It feels like an inside joke amongst mothers that uttered by any other person feels patronising. It suggests a certain type of ditzyness due to your brain turning to mush, like being around an infant all day every day somehow mentally incapacitates you. But ‘baby brain’… Read More

“I Have My Anger Back” | Jendella Benson

To My Son by Jendella Benson  What is there to be said? I can only feel anger for so long until it ferments into the cold reality of endless despair. In the echo chambers of our social media spheres we are all shouting, all screaming, all crying the same thing. The hopelessness of such a… Read More

On bodies that don’t bounce back

by Jendella Benson  According to Facebook, summer should have officially started a couple of days ago. But of course, we’re in Britain, so it didn’t! I personally don’t mind that British Summertime is as elusive as ever, because it means I can wear my wardrobe of “all-black everything” for longer. If I’m lucky, I might… Read More