The Tories’ Economic Model Kills the Most Vulnerable

Samantha Asumadu taking cue from an investigation by Tortoise Media urges us on International Workers Memorial Day to remember those who died because of the economic model that brutally oppresses the working class Today is International Workers Memorial Day. Never heard of it? There’s a reason for that. The workers we need to commemorate, who… Read More

Media Diversified is on Strike

Media Diversified’s founder, Samantha Asumadu explains why we believe that in silencing ourselves, we will encourage others to speak up about anti-black and anti-GRT racism and prejudice In his seminal article Melanie Phillips wants to “destroy” the Muslim world Dr. Nafeez Ahmed asked,‘Do people of colour, do Muslims, do migrants, do minorities, do people on… Read More

“UK prisoners serving inhumane indefinite sentences may have lost appeals for their freedom because non-existent offences had been wrongly included in their files”

Founder of Media Diversified Samantha Asumadu has been moonlighting for openDemocracy. We know It’s hard for some to care about prisoners, but we should all care about a prison system used to effectively torture individual prisoners. This article is the first in our series about indeterminate sentences for public protection My latest investigative story for… Read More

Ukraine: The Information War

Samantha Asumadu interviews author and broadcaster Matt Potter

This has been an information war

  1. You’ve shown an intense interest in Ukraine over the past few days as have many other, reporters, correspondents, communications, politicians an hackers. What is your new book about and what has it got to do with a Ukraine or Russia?
  2. Which last conflict did you watch closely – how did it roll out compared to this one? Did you watch ARAB SPRING?
  3. Communicating on platforms, porn, social media (In 2010 it was Facebook) has the world moved on from Facebook since the January 6th protesters were arrested?

    4 What would be your advice to Yemen, Afghanistan, Nigerian and Armenian grassroots activists be?

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Britain is Just as Culpable as Saudi Arabia for the War in Yemen

Media Diversified founder Samantha Asumadu reflects on Britain’s culpability for the hundreds of thousands of deaths in the ongoing Yemen war. The United Nations reports that fatalities could reach 1.3 million by 2030 “PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Get #Yemen trending! It’s a hell on earth right now. Innocent civilians are bombarded in cold blood, while the… Read More

Media Diversified View: The #Colston4 acquittal raises questions of whose activism gets to be celebrated

If you are looking for a campaign that is opposing a miscarriage of justice in 2022 look no further than #Justice4MohamudHassan The Colston Four’s acquittal for taking down the statue of the murderous slave trader Edward Colston was celebrated with an opinion piece from one of group with the headline “I’m one of the Colston 4,… Read More

There is a War on Black People in Britain

Media Diversified founder Samantha Asumadu reflects on today’s news of the deportation of Black British people to Jamaica, the Stansted 15 case and after last year’s Windrush scandal, what seems like an escalating war on Black British people that the media must do more to challenge Last year Media Diversified published a series on the Windrush generation’s… Read More

The Columnist Class, Egos and Accountability

Media Diversified founder Samantha Asumadu discusses her experiences within the “columnist class” and the editors and gatekeepers standing in the way of the voices of black working class women being heard You have to have ego if you are a comment writer. You have to have ego and access to be a member of the… Read More

Creatives of colour are the Fela Kutis of our time

Media Diversified founder Samantha Asumadu on what feels like a burgeoning movement for black, brown and Asian theatre makers. There are a few perks to being the founder of Media Diversified and this week that perk was getting to see Barry Jenkins’ feature film If Beale Street Could Talk. It is in effect one of… Read More

Blerd Girl Magic: The Media Diversified and Black Girl Nerds’ Founders Interview

To celebrate Media Diversified’s third anniversary we have an interview with Samantha Asumadu, founder of Media Diversified and Jamie Broadnax, founder of Black Girl Nerds. Here they talk about their experiences of creating and running prominent media platforms aimed at people of colour. Can you tell us about yourself and your and work? Jamie Broadnax:… Read More