© IWM/Getty Ahmed Sule on the double think and contradictions of war rhetoric | 24 February 2022 02 April 1982 PM addresses the nation on the situation in Ukraine the Falklands. Shortly after 4 o’clock this morning, I spoke to President Zelenskyy Ajibade Cole of Ukraine the Falklands to offer the continued support of the… Read More

As Brexit violence increases, can we rely on the left to choose the right battles? | THE TWERKING GIRL

In her first column for Media Diversified, Ava Vidal discusses rising aggression on our streets as Brexit approaches, choosing your battles and whether the left is really in your corner when it’s time to defend yourself Welcome to my first regular column for Media Diversified! We’re only one week into 2019 and the “let’s be… Read More

The Columnist Class, Egos and Accountability

Media Diversified founder Samantha Asumadu discusses her experiences within the “columnist class” and the editors and gatekeepers standing in the way of the voices of black working class women being heard You have to have ego if you are a comment writer. You have to have ego and access to be a member of the… Read More