The University of Glasgow is owning up to its racist past, what about the rest of UK higher education?

Furaha Asani asks to what extent we can achieve race equality, when the powerful don’t include themselves in the effort for change Read More

Where are all the Black historians?

Black historians in the UK: the unseen scholars by Patrick Vernon    BBC Radio 4’s Making History programme recently considered the plight of black historians, taking six minutes to explore the question of whether black historians exist in the UK. A number of white historians gave their perspectives on the issue but the views of… Read More

Twitter reacts to David Cameron’s comments on discrimination

Take your mind back to just after the festive period when a tweet with screenshots of President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron’s twitter accounts was doing the rounds. It compared the reactions purportedly of US and UK Twitter after hired lackeys tweeted Christmas and New Year salutations from our elected overlords. Whilst Obama’s… Read More