Take your mind back to just after the festive period when a tweet with screenshots of President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron’s twitter accounts was doing the rounds. It compared the reactions purportedly of US and UK Twitter after hired lackeys tweeted Christmas and New Year salutations from our elected overlords.

sundytimesWhilst Obama’s mentions were filled with slightly festishy compliments, they were compliments no less. On the other hand the replies to Cameron were entirely expletive filled. I’m guessing from mostly people who don’t want to see him next Tuesday…

Today upon the release of The Sunday Time with article penned by Cameron inside, the critiques had somewhat more depth and both questioned and engaged in the history behind his statement that ‘A young black man is more likely to be in prison than at a top university.’ Before parsing that let’s consider the hypocrisy behind Cameron; PM and leader of the Conservative party saying it.

Then what he isn’t saying, because it just might implicate him, his government and their long and underreported war on BME communities (not to mention everyone else who isn’t expensively educated and rich):

Mere details eh Mr. Cameron?

What can we say but PREACH.

But hold up? Criminality once again linked with black people by politicians? Weren’t we all just calling out Oliver Letwin…


..for doing the same in his post 1985 riot report to Margaret Thatcher that set back investment in black communities for decades?

and there we have it…

David Lammy will head the review that The Sunday Times headline and Cameron’s statements today are linked to and if it yields positive benefits for black communities then praise Yeezy.

Writing in the Sunday Times, (which, let’s be honest, not many people from BME communities purchase) Cameron said discrimination should “shame our country and jolt us to action. I don’t care whether it’s overt, unconscious or institutional – we’ve got to stamp it out,“. All true, but we won’t be forgetting about your policies, disregard and contempt for BME people any time soon, Mr. Cameron.

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