© IWM/Getty Ahmed Sule on the double think and contradictions of war rhetoric | 24 February 2022 02 April 1982 PM addresses the nation on the situation in Ukraine the Falklands. Shortly after 4 o’clock this morning, I spoke to President Zelenskyy Ajibade Cole of Ukraine the Falklands to offer the continued support of the… Read More

Defying Baghdad’s violence, volunteers are re-opening the city’s historic theatre

by Nazli Tarzi  This article first appeared in Niqash and has been republished here with their permission. In Baghdad’s Salihiya neighbourhood, a group of volunteers are staging a different kind of protest. They have cleaned up a deserted theatre and started performances there again. Rows of empty seats coated in dust are the first thing… Read More

How to become a famous “Terrorist Expert” on social media

by Elijah J. Magnier  This article first appeared today on Elijah’s site and is republished here with his permission. Whether you are a bored, retired civil servant, a journalist, a blogger, or just a young enthusiastic ambitious person looking for fame, here’s all you have to do to present yourself as a Terrorist Expert: If… Read More

In Post-war Iraq, Global Policy Makers Continue to Rule and Ravage

by Farah Al Farhan   In the aftermath of the Iraq War, since 2003, and the disastrous transition to democracy that ensued, Iraq is struggling with a deep-rooted and ongoing political crisis. Explanations of the ongoing crisis are repeatedly discussed in terms of ethno-sectarian divisions and rely excessively on sectarian rhetoric and assumptions that Iraq’s confessional… Read More

Flat Earth News: The Ten Rules of Journalism

Nick Davies’ Flat Earth News Rule 1 – run cheap stories This rule requires you to select stories that are quick to cover and safe to publish. This discourages tricky investigations and distorts the selection of ordinary news stories in favour of those that are simple, uncontentious and easy to get hold of. Rule 2… Read More

ISIS – We’re going to war, but are we breaking the law?

by Amanda Paul Parliament has just sanctioned airstrikes on Iraqi soil after Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi requested military intervention by Britain a few days ago. The cause for such a grandiose request – ISIS. ISIS needs to be STOPPED. I’m concerned though by the means Britain believes it should use to achieve this. Airstrikes… Read More

Terror and I

by Roya Arab The first time I encountered terrorism was when I was very young. Holed up in our hotel in the 1970s, the Intercontinental by Hyde Park roundabout, we stared out of our suite onto the emptied wide street as a search was undertaken for the bomb. This was an IRA tactic; they would… Read More

11 facts about Ramadan you probably didn’t know

by Yasin Bangee Ramadan begins soon and millions of Muslims in the UK and Worldwide will join together and follow, in essence, the same routine for 29/30 days. The month will begin in the next few days and will culminate with Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. The dates vary with different cultures that follow Islam but in general… Read More