Muslims on Planes: Terror at 39 Thousand Feet

by Raf   I have this app; it plays the Muslim call to prayer. So as part of my interfaith outreach on my daily commute, I play the Muslim call to prayer from my phone’s speakers. I’ve always been able to find a seat on a hastily vacated carriage, which is strange. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn… Read More

Beards: Applause for You, Stigmatisation for Me

by Taimour Fazlani The male beard, what can I say about the male beard? The traditional epitome of male masculinity, and the outwardly bearings of your ‘man’s man’. The bearded man is the kind of man synonymous with hypermasculinity, ideals of strength and dominance. A recent study in Evolution and Human Behavior found women now… Read More

Terror and I

by Roya Arab The first time I encountered terrorism was when I was very young. Holed up in our hotel in the 1970s, the Intercontinental by Hyde Park roundabout, we stared out of our suite onto the emptied wide street as a search was undertaken for the bomb. This was an IRA tactic; they would… Read More