War Inna Diaspora | THE TWERKING GIRL

In a welcome return, Media Diversified columnist Ada Vidal discusses the diaspora wars that often rage on Black Twitter and whether the debates are as harmless as they first seem Diaspora Wars have been around since the beginning of… well actually I don’t know when it started to be honest. The earliest ones that I… Read More

The death of Nuno Cardoso in police custody proves “respectability” won’t keep Black people safe | THE TWERKING GIRL

The tragic death of Nuno Cardoso in police custody in Oxford once again raises questions as to whose lives matter, even when victims meet society’s standards as to who is deemed “respectable”, writes Ava Vidal When I agreed to write about Nuno Cardoso I wasn’t prepared for how hard it was going to be. This… Read More

As Brexit violence increases, can we rely on the left to choose the right battles? | THE TWERKING GIRL

In her first column for Media Diversified, Ava Vidal discusses rising aggression on our streets as Brexit approaches, choosing your battles and whether the left is really in your corner when it’s time to defend yourself Welcome to my first regular column for Media Diversified! We’re only one week into 2019 and the “let’s be… Read More

In the rush to criticise Kate Osamor, many have forgotten her humanity – a response | THE TWERKING GIRL

Following her article on Kate Osamor and the furore over her council home, Ava Vidal responds to the overwhelming number of comments she has received on social media, and asks if the outrage is proportionate. Since writing my article “Kate Osamor and the insidious and dangerous racism from the left” my Twitter mentions have been on fire.… Read More

Kate Osamor and the insidious and dangerous racism from the left | THE TWERKING GIRL

Recent press coverage about Kate Osamor choosing to stay in her council home has caused a social media storm, but as Ava Vidal writes, it’s not just the right being critical, and that presents a double standard and potential danger The furore surrounding the revelation that Kate Osamor lives in social housing is another reminder… Read More

Should Chris Rock have let Louis CK and Ricky Gervais say the n-word unchallenged? | THE TWERKING GIRL

Chris Rock has been under fire for enabling Louis CK and Ricky Gervais to enthusiastically say the n-word in a video, facing more criticism than the white comedians themselves. Ava Vidal discusses the context of that video and whether white men should be given an n-word pass by a Black fellow comedian. Content note: This… Read More