Theresa, Trump and a Culture of Demonisation

by Maya Goodfellow  When narratives form around politicians, they tend to be difficult to unpick. Over the weekend the carefully constructed image of Theresa May as a sensibly “cautious” prime minister was deployed by Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi and right-wing paper The Sun to explain her calculated silence over – and then limp criticism of –… Read More

Labour’s empty rhetoric arms race with the Tories on immigration

by Raf Post-Brexit the pound is worth less than a Jimmy Savile autograph, so we are going to need those gold-hoarding immigrants in Birmingham to stay and float the UK economy. But rather than arguing for a coherent immigration policy, one not based on fear and misinformation, the Labour PLP are having the kind of… Read More

Referendums: Manipulated as a tool to promote anti-immigrant sentiment?

by Anike Bello  Across Europe there has been an increase in the use of referendums by governments on a number of issues. Most recently, last Sunday’s referendum in Hungary was on the EU measures for the relocation of people who qualify for international protection from Greece and Italy. The aim of these specific measures is… Read More

Why we have to take white working class people’s fears seriously

by Jacinta Nandi There’s this sense of relief in their tone when white people tell you – when white middle-class people tell you – how poor and miserable the Brexit voters are. Or, in the US, Trump. Or, in Germany, the AfD. There’s a sense of relief, but also a certain satisfaction. Friends and family… Read More

New immigration data collection in schools: another brick in the wall

by Leah Cowan My Dad always encouraged me to mark whatever box I wanted on diversity monitoring forms. ‘What they really want to know,’ he’d say, his eyes twinkling, ‘is the shade of your skin. Or your mother’s skin. Or your grandmother’s skin’. As a mixed race white British and black British Caribbean child, my… Read More

It will take more than sympathy to save refugees from drowning in lifejackets

by Shahd Abusalama As world leaders were meeting in New York for the UN Migration Summit on Monday, activists transformed Parliament Square, the doorstep of British decision makers, into a graveyard of thousands of lifejackets. These lifejackets had once been worn by refugees that made it to the European beaches. No one knows if they… Read More

Labour MPs parroting myths about immigration fuels the xenophobia they claim to want to stop

by Maya Goodfellow “We have to acknowledge voters’ legitimate concerns on immigration”. During the general election this was a fashionable phrase used by Labour politicians who were about to embark on a path littered with myths about migration. It’s one that betrays all manner of sins. And this week, in some Labour circles, it’s in vogue… Read More

‘Little has changed’: migrants and refugees are still seen as the enemy

by Maya Goodfellow Tomorrow will mark a year since three-year old Alan Kurdi’s body was washed up on a beach in Turkey. He drowned in the Mediterranean sea during his family’s attempt to seek safety after fleeing their home in Syria. A picture of his lifeless body face down in the sand was on the front… Read More

Bigotry was the bait for #VoteLeave, now it is our youth who will suffer most

by Robert Kazandjian   I wrote last week that we had sleepwalked into a nightmare. 17,410,742 people have voted to preserve that nightmare, insisting that Britain reject its membership of the European Union. Half of you don’t like us, that’s the bottom line. Racism and xenophobia triumphed. Had we viewed a Brexit as a legitimate… Read More