The migrant led strikes of the past can inform our present and future

Xenophobic racism, legitimised by the political classes, obscures points of solidarity between working class Britons and migrants by Maya Goodfellow  “A person like me, I am never scared of anybody”, Jayaben Desai told her manager before leading a mass walk-out of the Grunwick film processing plant in north-west London in the summer of 1976. Through sheer… Read More

Referendums: Manipulated as a tool to promote anti-immigrant sentiment?

by Anike Bello  Across Europe there has been an increase in the use of referendums by governments on a number of issues. Most recently, last Sunday’s referendum in Hungary was on the EU measures for the relocation of people who qualify for international protection from Greece and Italy. The aim of these specific measures is… Read More

Across the EU, asylum policies are geared more towards punishment

by Anike Bello Last week’s UN Summit on refugees and migrants in New York gave a clear indication that the majority of western governments have opted for a more restrictive asylum policy in the face of the increasing global refugee challenge. Despite the pledges to boost funding and protect the human rights of all refugees… Read More

‘Little has changed’: migrants and refugees are still seen as the enemy

by Maya Goodfellow Tomorrow will mark a year since three-year old Alan Kurdi’s body was washed up on a beach in Turkey. He drowned in the Mediterranean sea during his family’s attempt to seek safety after fleeing their home in Syria. A picture of his lifeless body face down in the sand was on the front… Read More

Bigotry was the bait for #VoteLeave, now it is our youth who will suffer most

by Robert Kazandjian   I wrote last week that we had sleepwalked into a nightmare. 17,410,742 people have voted to preserve that nightmare, insisting that Britain reject its membership of the European Union. Half of you don’t like us, that’s the bottom line. Racism and xenophobia triumphed. Had we viewed a Brexit as a legitimate… Read More

“I’ve never felt less welcome in this country” | Maya Goodfellow

by Maya Goodfellow “I’ve never felt less welcome in this country” – these are the terrifying words I’ve heard far too many times from migrants and UK-born people of colour in the run up to the EU referendum. Open anti-migrant hostility has been embraced; let loose by a referendum designed to placate a fractured Tory party.… Read More

David Cameron cares more about white votes than brown lives

by Maya Goodfellow If there’s one thing David Cameron is more reluctant to do than let refugees into the UK, it’s risk losing votes. This week, he abandoned plans to slam Britain’s door in the face of refugee children — not because he’d realised how callous this would be but most likely “to avoid defeat in… Read More

Australian Embassy in London Lit Up with Faces of Dead Refugees

by Sarah Keenan   and Nadine El-Enany Photography by Rikki Last week, guerrilla projectionists lit up the Australian Embassy in London with the faces of three recently deceased young men, each of whom died while under the ‘care’ of the Australian government in its offshore refugee detention system.  The protest is all the more potent… Read More

‘Integration’ or ‘Assimilation’ is a Two-sided Negotiation

A much older cousin lived in London’s Turkish neighbourhood of Green Lanes for forty years, and never learnt to speak English. She earned money tailoring clothes from a sewing machine in her living room. She shopped in local stores owned and frequented by other Turks. She socialised with her family. There was —as she saw… Read More