An Intervention on Intervention

by Cameron De Chi  A few days ago, I asked someone on Twitter whether “the West” should invade every country that commits human rights violations. I’ve been grinding the answer — “I mean, ideally…” — between my teeth ever since. The question was intended to expose the folly of humanitarian intervention — a thought-terminating “gotcha” that would force them to stop… Read More

Britain’s use of former child soldiers overseas reveals a twisted disregard for black bodies

by Robert Kazandjian  Britain’s disregard for black bodies is centuries old, from John Hawkins’ maiden voyage to the Guinea Coast in 1562 and subsequent enslavement of 500 Africans1,which began British involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, to Sarah Reed’s brutalisation by a Metropolitan Police constable in 2012 and her death while in the care of… Read More

There’s More to Saudi Arabia than the Ban on Women Driving

A View From The Kingdom by Amena Ziard I am constantly asked about my life in Saudi Arabia. There is no way to fully express the bitterness I have for some aspects of this society or the profound affinity I have for the land that is my birthplace but not my home. In this piece,… Read More

Class War in Lebanon?

by Nasser Elamine   What happened in Lebanon on August 22, 2015, at the You Stink Anti-Government protests was a radical restructuring of the political landscape and, with it, the revival of Lebanese politics as class struggle. Following a garbage crisis which swept the country, poor and commercial areas alike, protesters staged demonstrations in major… Read More

Israel’s ID card system is crushing Palestinian identity in Palestine and abroad

by Alia Al Ghussain  The past five weeks have seen escalating violence break out in East Jerusalem. Israel’s ongoing oppression of Palestinians means battles with Israeli police forces are nothing new in occupied Palestine. This time, Palestinians are out to protest Israel’s recently imposed limitations on access to Al Aqsa Mosque, the mosque in the… Read More

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Cultural Appropriation: The Fashionable Face of Racism

Although Media Diversified is on a site break for the month of August while we develop exciting new projects, we still want to continue delivering challenging, insightful content to our readers — so we’ll be going into the archives to bring back some of our most-read articles. Chimene Suleyman’s “Cultural Appropriation: The Fashionable Face of Racism”… Read More

Britain is complicit in the UAE’s abuse of human rights

by Maya Goodfellow Mariam Khalifa al-Suwaidi, Dr Alyazia Khalifa al-Suwaidi and Asma Khalifa al-Suwaidi. It’s unlikely you’ll be familiar with these three women’s names because their case hasn’t received the attention it deserves. On Friday it will be three months since they were abducted by state forces in their home country, the United Arab Emirates… Read More

My Middle East: ‘We should go out there and represent ourselves’

by Noor Alnaqeeb ‘Kuwait is still at war, right?’ This is something I hear all the time and is a prime example of how things in the Middle East are grouped together under damaging labels, leaving the entire region with one single story. Challenging the stereotypes around where I am from is a constant battle… Read More

Introducing The Malcolm X Movement

Building towards a new wave of Global South decolonial anti-imperialist Resistance in Britain by Sukant Chandan Malcolm X is esteemed as a towering figure in the history of Resistance against the ‘Western’ capitalist-colonial order for, in the main, two reasons: he and those he worked with took inspiration, leadership and positive examples from actually existing global ‘Third… Read More

Cultural Appropriation: The Fashionable Face of Racism

by Chimene Suleyman There is a painting in my parent’s house that my mother made. It is a self portrait; green eyes looking back between the black cloth of the headscarf painted around her face. It is a beautiful painting, carnal even. The assigned image on my phone for my father is a photograph taken… Read More