The NHS is still failing Black women – and the pandemic hasn’t helped

Allyiah navigated the NHS during the pandemic as a young Black woman with chronic hip pain and found a world of closed services, waiting lists and learning to manage pain on her own “There will be a significant wait and you may be overlooked due to the colour of your skin”– okay well what’s new? It’s… Read More

Accessing NHS treatment as a young Black woman forced me to self-diagnose online

Although doctors often warn of patients diagnosing themselves online, when you are a young Black woman accessing healthcare, inequality can mean that is the only option It was a rainy Tuesday the day I received what I can describe as a formal diagnosis from my GP. The printer in the tiny room spluttered and pattered… Read More

The mental health system fails the most vulnerable women in our society

Despite the rhetoric, this government continues to fail the most vulnerable women in our society. by Sonia Adesara The first patient I met whilst working in an psychiatric hospital was a young mother of 2. She was over 50 miles away from her family home, a 2 hour journey for her husband to come and… Read More

Health & Social Care Act paves the way for privatisation and effectively abolishing the NHS

by Dr Youssef El-Gingihy The NHS was the pre-eminent issue of the election, with polling showing that it is the most important concern of voters. However, the Health & Social Care Act represents the final stage in the conversion of the NHS into a market-based system, paving the way for privatisation and effectively abolishing the… Read More

Small Politics

by Kiri Kankhwende Most political commentators agree that the UK is on the verge of one of the most unpredictable elections in recent years. We’re told that it’s no longer “business as usual”, that no party is likely to win a majority this time around and possibly for the next few General Elections to come.… Read More

Brown girls don’t get eating disorders

by Anonymous “You have such a beautiful face; if only you lost weight it would not be such a waste” said one ‘auntie’ to me when I was 6 years old. Soon after, I heard two of my mother’s friends pull her aside and say “You have to watch her weight no one wants a… Read More

From Birth to Death – Our #NHS

by Glen Chisholm By the law of averages it is highly unlikely that if you’re reading this in the UK, that you have had no experience of the NHS. I’ve had many myself; from being born in an NHS hospital to trips for sports injuries over the years, from treatment for a heart problem to… Read More