Immigrant hustle in the face of gentrification

by Zain Dada and Bushra Ferjani  Gentrification emboldens the individualised silos we exist in. It is the preemptive conversion of lifestyles which began collectively when we landed on this rainy Island from former colonies. We interact less in post-gentrification London, our markets, community centres, our homes destroyed by councils moonlighting as property developers. Our commutes… Read More

Do we still need BME specific housing associations in Britain?

Yes. by Siana Bangura In the wake of Brexit and Trump’s victory in the USA as well as the increasing hypervisibility of movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, race is firmly at the forefront of conversation. And whilst we are increasingly discussing police brutality, upsurges in racially motivated hate crimes, mental illness in minority communities, employment disparities… Read More

London’s music venues are disappearing faster than Brexit supporters

by Joshua Idehen I didn’t really get gentrification until September. I knew what it was, knew it was ‘a bad thing’ and ranted accordingly, wrung my hands and nodded when my more informed peers would explain how the spectre of ‘redevelopment’ was creeping over the capital like a pervert’s shadow on a playground during break-time.… Read More

Did you hear about the Hipster Safari?

by Kiri Kankhwende  London is a city of contrasts. The “society” parties pictured in the Evening Standard are a world away from the clubs in Croydon where the police introduced bans on bashment. Gentrification is transforming neighbourhoods all over the city, often accompanied by eye-watering rises in house prices and new residents – including hipsters.… Read More

Gentrification and complicity in South London

If you’re a black artist from Brixton, can you still be complicit in the area’s gentrification? An interview with Shola Amoo by Zahra Dalilah It’s no secret that London has changed drastically in the last decade. For many, the areas we grew up in and have loved fiercely, despite rumours that across rivers and over… Read More

Corbyn’s EU vision is worth staying IN for

by Maurice Mcleod  The Battle of Europe feels like it’s been rumbling on since 1975. I certainly remember the Tories tearing themselves apart over Maastricht 24 years ago. Despite all of this posturing and facing-off, the British electorate hasn’t had a say on our membership of the EU since Watergate. The real Battle of Europe… Read More

From Cairo to London: White aspirations packaged in global property

by Rabia Barkatulla  Earlier this month, a flashy marketing video from Telford Homes popped up and caught the attention of social media. Set to upbeat music, the video follows a young, white woman as she plunges into London’s trendy Dalston area. Spoilt by the choice of vintage clothing shops, hairdressers and hipster cafes, the woman and… Read More

Homelessness: Behind every statistic is an individual

One of the most marginalised and often unheard groups in the United Kingdom today are the homeless. Not only do these individuals and families face challenging life situations, they also carry the burden of stigma and stereotypes meaning that they are silenced. In a bid to challenge this silence and educate people about the reality… Read More