The struggle continues for South Africa’s #FeesMustFall Students

by Mako Muzenda A young man being dragged across the road by two armed policemen. The screams and pleas of “Don’t shoot us!” went unheeded; the South African Police Service (SAPS) officers opened fire, shooting students with rubber coated bullets. Those that could run away did, but some weren’t fast enough to escape the police. Dragged… Read More

Pushed to their limits, Zimbabweans fight back

by Mako Muzenda ‘Zimbabwe’ is derived from ‘dzimba dzemabwe’, a Shona phrase which loosely translates to ‘large house of stone’. It’s tied to the ruins at Great Zimbabwe, that once powerful kingdom that forms the cornerstone of national pride and identity. It’s no surprise that when Independence rang in on 18 April 1980, that the… Read More