Government responded to 315k “Remove Clause 9 from the Nationality and Borders Bill” petition

The government just did our job for us. They emailed 315,000 people and sent them a “terrifying and deeply arrogant” rallying cry that they WILL NOT be removing Clause 9 from the Nationality and Borders Bill. On the petition site thy said ‘on 5 January 2022: The Government will not remove Clause 9. It is… Read More

Joint letter from 100 Civil Society Figures Opposing the Nationality and Borders Bill

This joint letter has been endorsed by a broad coalition of experts, civil society and community organisations, leading actors and campaigners opposing the  Nationality and Borders Bill. Collectively, they are raising the alarm about the passage of the Nationality and Borders Bill, and how it will violate the UK’s commitment under international law to provide… Read More

Open Letter: The industry press body IPSO is failing to protect minorities from press discrimination

The industry press body IPSO is failing to protect minorities from press discrimination. The so-called ‘regulator’ refuses to take complaints about discriminatory language aimed at minority groups seriously  making them complicit in the hate directed at minority ethnic communities. At this point every member of every vulnerable minority knows IPSO cannot and will not protect… Read More

An Open Letter to Amnesty International from NGO Safe Space

Alexia Pepper de Caires and Shaista Aziz of NGO Safe Space respond to Amnesty International Netherlands’ recent refugee campaign with an open letter. Dear Amnesty, As a global leader on human rights, women, gender-queer/ non-binary people and men around the world support your work. They join you to act in solidarity with oppressed people in the… Read More

Open Letter: Eugenics is back in vogue again from the Observer to the Monash Bioethics Review

In 2018, there is evidence of an unfortunate resurgence in the acceptability of the  study of eugenics, with academics attempting to divorce its study from its inherent racism, classism and ableism and even defend it from critique under the guise of debates around free speech and “platforming” in academic spaces. Recently, an article entitled “Defending… Read More

An Open Letter To Trevor Philips: Why Your Documentary Is Logically and Morally Flawed.

by Ahmed Olayinka Sule When I first heard that you would be presenting a documentary on Channel Four titled, “Things We Can’t Say About Race That Are True”, I was keen to know what you had to say. Even though I was concerned about what was reported in the media about the documentary before it… Read More