Bend It Like Beckham, Blair and Trade Unionism

Assessing Bend It Like Beckham in the social and political context of Blairism, Sacha Ismail considers the Gate Gourmet industrial dispute at Heathrow and union bureaucracies’ longstanding failure to fight for workers, particularly black, brown and migrant workers I must have watched Bend It Like Beckham a dozen times – most recently on the twentieth… Read More

Media Diversified is on Strike

Media Diversified’s founder, Samantha Asumadu explains why we believe that in silencing ourselves, we will encourage others to speak up about anti-black and anti-GRT racism and prejudice In his seminal article Melanie Phillips wants to “destroy” the Muslim world Dr. Nafeez Ahmed asked,‘Do people of colour, do Muslims, do migrants, do minorities, do people on… Read More

What will they do with state power?

Exasperated socialist Simon Vessey explains how the Labour right repeatedly exploit and embolden right wing narratives to achieve their internal party goals Labour are driving out socialists who oppose cuts, social cleansing and apartheid. Democracy is being subverted to protect corrupt council fiefdoms whilst upholding white supremacy at a local and national level. If this… Read More