Following The Herd Leads To The Slaughterhouse

by Gee Ranasinha Every now and again I’ll get asked to give a presentation at some industry event or another, or to write an article. Such requests never fail to massage my ego, regardless of how loudly I tell myself that I’m only being asked because 1) they asked everyone else and have been turned… Read More

Extraordinary Careers: A Maverick Filmmaker

by Jahmil X.T. Qubeka Either directly or cloaked, my work is a reflection of the universe that I inhabit. As an indigenous young African, I find myself confronted by a world in constant flux; it is so unrelenting that it can’t help but inform my chosen reality. Trying to swim in the sociopolitical tide that… Read More

Extraordinary Careers: The path to PhD

by Dr Ru Kaur In late 2012 I obtained my PhD in human evolutionary, molecular, population and medical genetics. I specialised in human genetic diversity in sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to this I spent a year studying for my Masters in Medical Parasitology and Infectious Diseases; as part of this degree I lived in the Philippines… Read More