We are witnessing not an apathy for politics, but a hunger for change from the template

by Chimene Suleyman It is possible to understand that associating with someone who does not favour the marginalised is not unequivocally an admission of being racist, a woman-hater, or anti-gay rights. It may not excuse the individual from blindly aligning and enabling a repressive structure, but that is for them to deconstruct at their own pace.… Read More

Britain has confused social sociopathy for economic debate

by Chimene Suleyman We may never have been able to predict the murder of Jo Cox, and yet close observers of the long struggle with nationalist extremism will find the formula of this kind of statement-violence familiar. A man shouts in the name of his allegiance, “Britain First!” before maiming and killing, publicly, those whose ideals… Read More

Sadiq Khan may not represent a win for all Muslims, nor should he

by Chimene Suleyman There has never been a London mayor or politician whose religious beliefs have been at the forefront of our admiration for them, whether Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem or Independent. It shouldn’t matter much whether Boris showed up at his local Sunday church services or spent quiet Tuesday evenings revelling in agnosticism. Those who… Read More

There is an epidemic of missing women and girls of colour in the UK

by Chimene Suleyman  As a child, I watched family members laid to rest with nothing but a sheet of white cloth around their bodies. We go to the earth as we come from it — naked and equal. Only, the imposed hierarchy from ones birth may impact greatly on the manner in which we receive a… Read More

Trump has succeeded in an America that is already pre-disposed to racial suspicion

by Chimene Suleyman   Long before Donald Trump became known as a political contender, communities of colour tussled with the spaces between campaign lines. Either side of economic graphs and cultural cut-backs remains our instinct, from which we may swiftly tell if this is an individual who will push a person of colour under the bus, or… Read More

‘Integration’ or ‘Assimilation’ is a Two-sided Negotiation

by Chimene Suleyman  A much older cousin lived in London’s Turkish neighbourhood of Green Lanes for forty years, and never learnt to speak English. She earned money tailoring clothes from a sewing machine in her living room. She shopped in local stores owned and frequented by other Turks. She socialised with her family. There was —as… Read More

From safe spaces to court summons, how did it get here?

by Chimene Suleyman The commotion around Bahar Mustafa’s request that white men stay away from a Goldsmiths union meeting (that she had arranged) boiled down to two discrepancies in the understanding of it: Can white people experience racism? Can men be subject to sexism? In short, when you have the most power in society, can you… Read More

From Cecil the Lion to a Pig’s Head: Why rich white men do what they do

by Chimene Suleyman No one seemed particularly surprised. The internet united in glorious pork puns. During his time at Oxford, David Cameron (according to an unauthorised biography) placed his genitals in the mouth of a dead pig. Notice how in this picture David Cameron isn't wearing his wedding ring. Suspicious… pic.twitter.com/ZfHcYfrOem — Ryan Shields (@BarackObadyin) September… Read More

Why was Aylan Kurdi’s life worth kindness from the press in death, but not in life?

by Chimene Suleyman His name is Aylan Kurdi. Say it. He was three years old when he began his journey from the Syrian town, Kobani which has only known violence throughout Aylan’s short life. Amidst a Syrian civil war and a town besieged by Isis, Aylan’s family travelled thousands of miles through Turkey where they took… Read More

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Cultural Appropriation: The Fashionable Face of Racism

Although Media Diversified is on a site break for the month of August while we develop exciting new projects, we still want to continue delivering challenging, insightful content to our readers — so we’ll be going into the archives to bring back some of our most-read articles. Chimene Suleyman’s “Cultural Appropriation: The Fashionable Face of Racism”… Read More