Olympics 2016

There’s sport, and then there’s the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It’s an event like no other. Breathtaking feats of athleticism, amidst a backdrop of what Dave Zirin dubbed a “neoliberal Trojan horse”.

High-class sport and social fairness should work in concert, rather than in opposition. Here at Media Diversified, we will explore the aspects of the Games that both rouse our spirits and infuriate us in their injustice. Over the next few weeks we’ll cover the medals, the nationalism, the competition, the corporatisation, the exploitation, and the sporting brilliance of Rio 2016.

Curated by Shane Thomas, featuring articles by Joe Guthrie, Robert Kazandjian, Shireen Ahmed, Christienna Fryar, Amit Singh, Eleanor Lisney, Felipe Araujo and more!