Destined to Fail and Surplus to Requirements? “The Problem with Black Men”

By Lee Pinkerton The spur to write this book was a very personal one. I started it when I was 40 years old, unemployed, in debt and wondering where it had all gone wrong. From outside appearances I may have looked reasonably successful, but in my own eyes I was far from the levels of… Read More

Part One: Ethnic Minority? No, Global Majority.

PART ONE Editors note: We asked 10 writers for their opinion on the classifications and terminology used to describe people. We stressed there was no right or wrong answer. Below are their answers: Read Part Two: Ethnic Minority? No, Global Majority There are a great deal of acronyms and labels used by society to address and… Read More

Business As Usual

by Lee Pinkerton On Wednesday 8th January 2013 the jury at the High Court in London found the Police officer who shot Mark Duggan dead in the streets of Tottenham in 2011, not guilty of unlawful killing. How, they asked, could the Police shoot an unarmed man and it be considered lawful?  Some commentators described… Read More

The ‘N’ word, and the demise of conscious rap

by Lee Pinkerton The first rap concert I ever went to was L.L. Cool J, Eric B & Rakim and Public Enemy at London’s Hammersmith Odeon in 1987.  LL didn’t leave much of an impression, Rakim disappointed, but my young 18 year old mind was so blown away by Public Enemy’s righteous anger and they… Read More

Footballers, rappers and drug dealers – the need for positive role models

by Lee Pinkerton The recent Channel 4 series Top Boy came in for much criticism from some quarters. There are those that argued that this gritty urban drama set in east London which depicted a young Black drug gang was yet another negative depiction of Black males on our TV screens. No wonder, they argued,… Read More

Token Black Faces in High Places…

…is No Cause for Celebration by Lee Pinkerton Unlike most in the Black community I did not view the peerage of Doreen Lawrence as a cause for celebration. Many of us see the acceptance of Black individuals into the exclusive clubs of the ruling white elite as a sign that we as a race are… Read More

Don’t Call Me B.M.E!

Luis Suarez, Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Tiger Woods, & racial identity. by Lee Pinkerton and Samantha Asumadu In January 2012 Liverpool player Luis Suarez was given a £40,000 fine for calling Man United player Patrice Evra ‘a negrito’.  Suarez claimed that he meant no offence by it, since in his country ‘negrito’ is a term of affection. … Read More

The Oxbridge Mafia

by Lee Pinkerton Earlier this year the Today programme reported the story of a performance by Black comedian Reginald D. Hunter at the Professional Footballers’ Association’s annual awards dinner.  Hunter is known for using the ‘n-word’ in his comedy routines, and this night’s performance was no exception. This was particular embarrassing for the PFA as… Read More

Trayvon Martin and the Fear of a Black Man

by Lee Pinkerton “Not Guilty?’ the filthy devils tried to kill me/ When the news gets to the hood the niggas will be/ Hotter than cayenne pepper/ Cuss, buss, kicking up dust is a must.” Ice Cube – We Had to Tear This MF Up   The “Not Guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman, the killer… Read More