Sachin Joab’s performance in ‘Disgraced’ shows that Australia needs to foreground its actors of colour

by Suzy Wrong  Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Ayad Akhtar’s Disgraced drops bombs at regular intervals to unnerve, to disarm and, most of all, to confront. It is a response to the undeniable horrors around us that involves no sugar-coating, and no rose-tinted glasses. We can all agree that everything is not quite coming up… Read More

Australia’s Eurovision entry subverts its sentimental links to Europe

by Suzy Wrong This week sees Australia participating in the Eurovision Song Contest again after last year’s first official entry. Fans of the event may remember our appearance in the competition the year before, making it three in a row, which might seem more than slightly strange for a country 14,000 kilometres away from Europe. It… Read More

Australian Embassy in London Lit Up with Faces of Dead Refugees

by Sarah Keenan   and Nadine El-Enany Photography by Rikki Last week, guerrilla projectionists lit up the Australian Embassy in London with the faces of three recently deceased young men, each of whom died while under the ‘care’ of the Australian government in its offshore refugee detention system.  The protest is all the more potent… Read More

What is a “real Australian”? Peter Drew’s art forces us to reconsider Aussie identities

by Suzy Wrong A photograph of Monga Khan was taken in 1916, under the White Australia policy restricting immigration from non-English speaking countries. For the first half of the 20th century, Australia adopted that official line of racism, even extending those regulations to Aboriginal people who had left and then wished to return. Exemptions were, however,… Read More

Australia’s Mainstream Media is Waging A War Against ‘Non-white’ Celebrities

by Suzy Wrong   The Logie Awards is Australia’s annual celebration of excellence and popularity in the television industry. Like many showbiz ceremonies, the Logies is both distinguished and, in spite of its long 57-year history, widely derided. Television affects all our lives, and whether willingly or begrudgingly, we pay attention to the event every… Read More