How much are black ideas worth?

For many in the black community social media has given us a space where we can be as witty, honest and out there as we want but who is getting the recognition, and the cheque, for our creativity? By Stephanie Phillips  In the past, if the average person wanted to know what was going on… Read More

Twenty Years or More From Stardom

By Stephanie Phillips When our modern definition of a rock star is clouded by white, middle class male egos driven need to be the only stars, who else should we look up to? Stephanie Phillips looks at Bessie and Twenty Feet From Stardom to find the black women behind some of rock n roll’s greatest… Read More

‘Dark & Lovely’ not only explores black womanhood, it puts it centre stage

by Stephanie Phillips  “Hair is just hair.” Leeds-based artist Selina Thompson opened the London leg of her new interactive performance piece Dark & Lovely with this stark revelation. Dark & Lovely examines what it means to be a Black British woman and how the politics of hair have a part to play in our identity.… Read More

If Cookie Ruled the World

by Stephanie Phillips  Imagine if Cookie Lyon actually ran the music industry. Just imagine. Everything would be at least 50% more fabulous, leopard print fedoras would become the standard industry uniform and there would be no more Andy Coppings spouting their uneducated views on women in the music industry. Yes, if there were more Cookies… Read More

The Black Renaissance is Here

by Stephanie Phillips It happens every year; the same time every year. We know it so well; the lead up, the commotion and the eventual indifference. Awards season is upon us and with that star-filled month in our calendar comes the annual moment members of the white arts industry shake themselves out of the blinkered… Read More