An Intervention on Intervention

by Cameron De Chi  A few days ago, I asked someone on Twitter whether “the West” should invade every country that commits human rights violations. I’ve been grinding the answer — “I mean, ideally…” — between my teeth ever since. The question was intended to expose the folly of humanitarian intervention — a thought-terminating “gotcha” that would force them to stop… Read More

Britain’s use of former child soldiers overseas reveals a twisted disregard for black bodies

by Robert Kazandjian  Britain’s disregard for black bodies is centuries old, from John Hawkins’ maiden voyage to the Guinea Coast in 1562 and subsequent enslavement of 500 Africans1,which began British involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, to Sarah Reed’s brutalisation by a Metropolitan Police constable in 2012 and her death while in the care of… Read More

There’s More to Saudi Arabia than the Ban on Women Driving

A View From The Kingdom by Amena Ziard I am constantly asked about my life in Saudi Arabia. There is no way to fully express the bitterness I have for some aspects of this society or the profound affinity I have for the land that is my birthplace but not my home. In this piece,… Read More

Too Black to be Arab, too Arab to be Black

by Leena Habiballa Within every Sudanese diasporan is an unceasing internal dialogue about where we fit in the dominant racial order. Sudan is one of the most ethnically, culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse places on the African continent. It was also home to some of the most ancient civilisations in African memory. But today it… Read More

Resurrecting Palestine’s struggle for liberation

by Tamara Tamimi  A few years ago, in 2010, I travelled from Palestine to Lebanon for a youth conference about the participation of Arab youth in the political, economic, social, and cultural realms of their respective countries. During this 3-day conference, I met Jihad, a young participant working with the Arab NGO Network for Development, the… Read More

ISIS’ absurd fanaticism, and one way of coping with it

by Hassan Abdulrazzak  I have developed this new hobby. Every time sectarian violence breaks out in my home country, Iraq, or when the militant group The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) commits yet another catastrophic crime in the Middle East, I google the phrase “Arab Atheists”. I do this because I hope to find commentaries,… Read More