Why Theresa May’s announcement on mental health isn’t good enough

by Cameron De Chi  Fuelled by a desire to achieve her vision of the “Shared Society,” Theresa May has promised what the BBC optimistically calls “mental health reform”, focusing specifically on young people and people in the workplace. This amounts to offering “mental health first aid training” to teachers, setting aside £15m for “community care”,… Read More

An Intervention on Intervention

by Cameron De Chi  A few days ago, I asked someone on Twitter whether “the West” should invade every country that commits human rights violations. I’ve been grinding the answer — “I mean, ideally…” — between my teeth ever since. The question was intended to expose the folly of humanitarian intervention — a thought-terminating “gotcha” that would force them to stop… Read More

Why the Labour Coup is a grave mistake

by Cameron De Chi  Maybe I’m just a hard-left, champagne-swilling Corbynista but I’d argue blaming Jeremy Corbyn for Brexit makes about as much sense as voting to invade a foreign country based on nothing other than cynical US propaganda; which is an appropriate comparison considering the current revolt appears to be coming from Labour’s Blairite… Read More

How to Politicise a Murder

According to the press and politicians, “the State” must be kept safe from public opinion by Cameron De Chi Simon Jenkins’ declaration in the Guardian that social media urgently needs a “policing regime” should make chilling reading for everyone. Even after Thomas Mair was confirmed to have links to the far right, politicians, journalists and public intellectuals have found a way… Read More