Afroze Zaidi-Jivraj

Afroze Zaidi Jivraj recently completed her MPhil at the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham. She did her research on Islamophobia in the media, requiring the analysis of comment sections on the Guardian and Telegraph websites.
For her academic research, Afroze has sought a more holistic understanding of Islamophobia which goes beyond the popular scholarly and policy focus and looks critically at Islamophobia as a form of racism in the truest sociological sense. She blogs for the Huffington Post on media representations of Islam and Muslims. Find her on Twitter @AfrozeZJ

Affleck v. Harris and the Different Shades of Islamophobia

Millions of Muslims around the world, both in Western nations as well as others, experience Islamophobia every day as a lived reality. A genuine discussion of what really IS Islamophobia is beyond the scope of a standard, blog-length article. Suffice to say that Islamophobia, if understood as structural oppression of Muslims, is a form of racism. WHOAH – comes the response – Muslims are not a race, so how can Islamophobia be racism? This binary, and/or question appears to have left Muslims in a kind of limbo, where they end up excluded by their oppressor (generally the White Western hegemon) whilst simultaneously being separated from their co-oppressed (e.g. Jews or Black people) in their struggle for equality and justice.