The pink bus is a start but parties need to show women they’re in for the long haul

by Anouchka Burton Any woman who has ever tried to buy car insurance has noticed it. Search the internet and every website is pink, with references to shopping or diamonds, never aimed at women but “the girls” or “ladies”. And it’s not just insurance. Marketers around the globe, tasked with selling to women, lazily coat… Read More

Desperately Seeking Equality and Justice

by Pragna Patel What would a set of key asks from Southall Black Sisters (SBS) look like? We can start by looking at a snapshot of the issues that SBS has faced in just the first two months of 2015; we find new and recurring themes and concerns which, taken together, encapsulate the enormity of… Read More

BME communities should get on the bus and vote at this year’s General Election

by Colin Joseph The OBV eXpress bus could be coming to a town near you over the next month or so as part of Operation Black Vote‘s drive to get BME communities to vote in this year’s General Election. Until April this year, the OBV eXpress is set to visit towns and cities across the… Read More

Small Politics

by Kiri Kankhwende Most political commentators agree that the UK is on the verge of one of the most unpredictable elections in recent years. We’re told that it’s no longer “business as usual”, that no party is likely to win a majority this time around and possibly for the next few General Elections to come.… Read More