Review: True Brits, by Vinay Patel

by Sabo Kpade Until a criteria on who is British is agreed upon, the question “who is British?” may never be fully answered. Vinay Patel’s one-man play True Brits, set in the years between the 7/7 bombings and the 2012 Olympics, is the story of Rahul, a young British-Asian played with conviction by David Mumemi. Before… Read More

Unstitching the Ties that Bind: Ghana Must Go, by Taiye Selasi

by Sabo Kpade Taiye Selasi gets full marks for swimming against the currents of fiction published by African writers, though “writer of African origin” might best describe her. The trace of war found in Ghana Must Go, while being a catalyst for emigration, is reduced to near inconsequence by the varying accomplishments of the family… Read More

Newcomer Juma Sharkan as the ‘Liberian Girl’ Soldier is a Revelation

by Sabo Kpade Liberian Girl is about a 14-year-old called Martha set during the second Liberian civil war (1999 – 2003) which brought Charles Taylor to power. To escape advancing rebels Martha and her grandma Mammie Esther flee into the bushes but are captured by members of the Small Boy’s Unit, a feeder arm of… Read More


by Sabo Kpade Talks of an Obama biopic have been dismissed as too hasty – the cinematic equivalent of burial rites performed in anticipation of the subject’s death. One could say the same about any number of works of art with him as inspiration. Wiser to wait for when his tenure is over, when the… Read More