Tory blue-on-blue battle is just a sideshow

by Maurice Mcleod  Last week, Parliament was closed for the Whitsun recess, so this column had a break – but the white men were dancing away even more frenetically than ever. The EU ‘neverendum’ continues to dominate the political news coverage, and therefore the minds of many politicians. What should be a national debate on… Read More

When did Britain ever truly ‘stand alone’?

by Priya Atwal ‘Project Hope’ should be the right and proper name of the Brexit campaign, says Michael Gove. The British Justice Secretary made this declaration on Friday night during a live TV interview on Sky News, in which he also lambasted the Remain campaign for belittling Britons and telling them that their country is… Read More

Pomp, ceremony and hypocrisy

by Maurice Mcleod In a move that will have Nigel Farage fearing a left-wing conspiracy to “rub our noses in diversity”, Black Rod bashed on the doors of Parliament and demanded our representatives go to the House of Lords and listen to an old lady read out David Cameron’s plans for the year. It was… Read More

Election Fraud: The Barking Dog in a Media Vacuum

by Kiri Kankhwende  There seemed to be something for every party to take away from what political pundits tried to brand Super Thursday (but which stubbornly remained simply Thursday for most people). As the country went to the polls for the first local and mayoral elections since the General Election last year, only one result made… Read More

Fraser Nelson’s article on Black Brits reveals the Tories’ deep-seated discomfort with addressing racial inequality

by Lester Holloway The truth about black teenagers, prison and universities isn’t half as bad as David Cameron makes out, argues Fraser Nelson, editor of the right-wing political mag the Spectator. His target was the Prime Minister’s claim that young Black Brits were more likely to end up in prison than a top university. ‘Nonsense’,… Read More

Robbing disabled Peter to pay privileged Paul

by Maurice Mcleod Gorgeous Gideon has just delivered his 8th budget. Normally, at this stage of our five-year-long ‘democratic’ cycle, chancellors feel at ease to hand out some pain knowing they have four years for the myopic electorate to forget. This time though, Osborne knew he had to curry a little favour with the referendum… Read More

White Men Dancing: the EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey by Kiri Kankhwende One foot in, one foot out – Britain’s hokey cokey with Europe finally came to a head at the weekend with the announcement that the in/out referendum will be held on 23 June. This referendum has profound implications for Europe and Britain, threatening to imperil the unity… Read More

Twitter reacts to David Cameron’s comments on discrimination

Take your mind back to just after the festive period when a tweet with screenshots of President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron’s twitter accounts was doing the rounds. It compared the reactions purportedly of US and UK Twitter after hired lackeys tweeted Christmas and New Year salutations from our elected overlords. Whilst Obama’s… Read More

‘Integration’ or ‘Assimilation’ is a Two-sided Negotiation

by Chimene Suleyman  A much older cousin lived in London’s Turkish neighbourhood of Green Lanes for forty years, and never learnt to speak English. She earned money tailoring clothes from a sewing machine in her living room. She shopped in local stores owned and frequented by other Turks. She socialised with her family. There was —as… Read More

#YouAintNoChristianBruv on Cameron’s British Values

by Amit Singh  Talk of British values and what it constitutes to be British has dominated the calendar year, largely pressed forward by Home Secretary and potentially future Conservative Party leader Theresa May. David Cameron talked up “Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights regardless of race, gender or sexuality” as… Read More