A Valentine Letter to Rt Hon Sir Keir Rodney Starmer MP

In a blazing return to Media Diversified Ahmed Olayinka Sule describes his cradle to grave support for the Labour Party and asks the Rt Hon Sir Keir Rodney Starmer MP what is it that HE stands for? Happy Valentine’s day. I trust you and the family are doing fine. I have taken an interest in… Read More

Britain is Just as Culpable as Saudi Arabia for the War in Yemen

Media Diversified founder Samantha Asumadu reflects on Britain’s culpability for the hundreds of thousands of deaths in the ongoing Yemen war. The United Nations reports that fatalities could reach 1.3 million by 2030 “PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Get #Yemen trending! It’s a hell on earth right now. Innocent civilians are bombarded in cold blood, while the… Read More

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed’s guide to the eight unprecedented and undemocratic bills that the Tories are trying to pass this year

Nafeez Ahmed analyses eight bills which, taken as a whole, reveal an unprecedented and undemocratic ethno-nationalist power grab First Published in the Byline Times under the title Citizenship of Quarter of Britons at Risk as Conservatives Construct An Authoritarian Legal Infrastructure The focus on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s lockdown party antics has allowed the Conservative… Read More

Priti Patel is smashing glass ceilings not windows

In a truly inspirational piece, our mysterious satirist Raf turns his lens to the home secretary Priti Patel and looks at her motivations, her smashing of stereotypes and her ultimate aim to remove the citizenship of British people who look like her without notice or right of appeal in her Nationality and Borders Bill Bring… Read More

Call for Immediate Parliamentary Debate on 300,000 signature parliamentary petition on draconian #NationalityAndBordersBill

Use this template to write to your MP calling for an immediate arliamentary Debate on 300,000 signature parliamentary petition on draconian #NationalityAndBordersBill Read More

When Your Life Is Worth Less: The British Attack on Human Rights

As opposition to the Nationality and Borders Bill grows, there is also the spectre of an attack on the Human Rights Act by the Conservative government. As Maria W. Norris explains, this is likely to have a disproportionate effect on people of colour and raises fundamental questions about equality in the UK. This week the… Read More

Why don’t presidential candidates support reparations for American descendants of slaves?

As the Democratic candidates for the 2020 Presidential elections make their cases for leadership, LeRon Barton asks why the issue of reparations for Black American descendants of slaves is such a stumbling block for most of the hopefuls At the start of his campaign, Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders appeared on The View and was… Read More

Windrush, welfare and caring for history

A year after the Windrush scandal broke, Lara Choksey writes that we should be looking at the deportations and violence in the context of decades of state definition of who deserves care As Brexit turns the screw on a national consciousness split over who should fall under its remit of care, history is asking for… Read More

Can President Muhammadu Buhari now triumph over the issues facing Nigeria?

Muhammadu Buhari’s election triumph was one thing, but working to overcome the challenges in Nigeria is now quite another. Orji Sunday discusses the issues the new president must now face. Being Nigeria’s president is a  painful pleasure. After all, most leaderships, if not all are driven principally by the premise of flashy honours and thorny… Read More

Dimming her lights: The public shaming of Ilhan Omar

The condemnation of Ilhan Omar not only betrays hypocrisy at the heart of the US government, it also demonstrates how Black Americans are subject to disproportionate discipline and censure on a daily basis, writes Olivia Woldemikael The public humiliation and condemnation of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar by Democrats, Republicans, and the American media is all too familiar.… Read More