One day, about 5 years ago it dawned on me, it was pictures that I loved more than anything else, be it the ones that are drawn by a sunset on a sky or the moving ones on my TV screen or the ones that were taken with a stills camera and printed on glossy paper. That was when I decided that I wanted to become a photographer; I know it sound preposterous, I was 27 years old and had never really taken any pictures or owned a camera, but I had worked in the film industry and for a magazine since I finished my A Levels and I knew that I could learn and I have learned every day since. My path was not the same most photographers go, mine was long, distorted and swerving, but it taught me about composition, lighting, storytelling and editing.
I want people to stop and really look at my images, linger upon them and when they finally move on, I hope they do it with a new thought in their mind; not one that I planted but one that my image inspired.

I love working as a photographer in Botswana, the light here is incredibly beautiful and I have the opportunity to actually make a small change, which is very special.
A couple of years ago I decided I would only use model with natural hair in my photography, because I believe that they are underrepresented in the current press.
Fashion Photography is my favourite aspect of photography, because it allows me to be creative and sometimes even a little bit wild. Unfortunately there is no outlet in Botswana for fashion photography so I decided to just do it for us (the models/designers/MUA/stylists/me) and then try to get them seen by the world. We all work for free on these projects because we want to show Batswana (plural for people from Botswana) that we can do work at an international standard. Petra Rolinec Website: 8tiesbaby


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