by Somali Art

I make art that is influenced by Somali culture and history. The horn of Africa is a historical gateway between Africa and Asia. Somali culture is rich in influences including other African cultures, Persian, Ottoman, Arab and Indian culture.

Since the Somali civil war the arts scene in the Somali community has suffered. I am part of a new generation of Somalis who have grown up since then who want to create art that challenges the negative depiction of Somalis and Africans in general.

My work include themes of nomadic Somali culture, historical depictions, medieval Africa, epic fantasy, Islamic spiritual themes and afrofuturism.

For more of Somali Art: Website  | TumblrdeviantArt  | Twitter

The title of this article is a reference to Warsan Shire’s book: Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth

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3 thoughts on ““I belong deeply to myself” by Somali Art

  1. Beautifully sensitive paintings! I love the depiction of afrofuturism. My (relatively limited) knowledge of Somali culture is the civil war and I’m really interested in following how your art will challenge the negativity that has persisted for too long.

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of NY based artist, Kehinde Wiley? The magestic look of your last potrait picture on this post reminds me of his work. He blurs the contemporary and historical visual in oversized portraits of (mostly African) urban balck and brown men.

    I’d love if you’d check out his work. This is his website:


    1. hi kirsty, i appologize for the late reply i didnt see the comments. Thanks for the kind words, i honestly appreciate it.

      i hope my art can leave a more positive impression of somali culture to the wider world. As you mentioned most people have only known somalia to be in a state of conflict and suffering.

      Yes i am familiar with Kehine Wiley’s work and its absolutely amazing, it leaves a very powerful impact, its really brilliant.

      Thanks again for the support. and good luck with the running.


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