This year’s nominees for The Trashies left us spoilt for choice. Narrowing down the nomination pool to a manageable worst of the worst was very difficult. (For the many people who nominated Richard Littlejohn’s body of work, don’t worry – his lifetime achievement award will come soon.)

We also have a new addition to #TheTrashies this year: an award for worst UK publication. While there are many deserving publications around the world, our mostly UK-based team means that we’re starting with the mainstream media that’s closest to home.

Read more about why we host the annual #TheTrashies Awards here

Now the decision is yours – which of this year’s choices will win #TheTrashies?

UPDATE: 25/03/16

Jury Selection #TheTurboTrash Prize will take in to account post tragedy reporting and comment articles. Nominations have again been crowd-sourced and will be whittled down to:

2) Highly commended
1) Winner of…


Symeon Brown (Journalist, Reporter)
Shelina Janmohamed (Journalist)
Afua Hirsch (Broadcast Journalist)
Hussein Kesvani (Freelance journalist)


Douglas Murray: A terrorist attack has happened in Europe. Let the standard response begin (Spectator)

Katie Hopkins: If Europe accepts Muslim terror is normal we can’t stay (Daily Mail)

Rod Liddle: Like London, Brussels has allowed itself to become a hotbed of Islamic extremism (Spectator)

Maajid Nawaz: Reform Muslims Stand Up To Take On the Ideology of Islamism (Daily Beast)

Piers Morgan: Isn’t it time we listened to Trump on terror?  (Daily Mail)

Daniel Greenfield Media Already Running “Muslims Fear Blowback” Stories After Brussels (Front Page Magazine)

Allison Pearson: Why stay in the EU when its capital is also the capital of jihadism in Europe? (Telegraph)

Haris Rafiq: Brussels can deploy all the troops it wants. It won’t solve anything (Spectator)

Yasmin Alibhai-brown: Will no one admit the way some Muslims raise kids is fomenting terror?  (Daily Mail)

Announcement at #TheTrashies Awards Ceremony 1st April

#TheTrashies Articles

Up to 4 choices:


  • The Daily Telegraph/The Sunday Telegraph
  • London Evening Standard
  • The Guardian/The Observer
  • Metro
  • The Independent/Independent on Sunday
  • The New Day
  • The Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday
  • The Spectator
  • The New Statesman
  • Financial Times
  • The Times/The Sunday Times
  • City A.M.
  • The Daily Express/The Sunday Express
  • The Sun/The Sun on Sunday
  • The Daily Mirror/The Sunday Mirror
  • Sunday People
  • The Daily Star/The Daily Star Sunday

1 choice:

4 thoughts on “Voting for The Trashies 2016 is live!

  1. Voted Guardian because while its racism isn’t as overt as The Sun or Spectator, it’s much more hypocritical.


  2. A couple of these aren’t really Trashy in the sense of being bad (racist or sexist) articles in my opinion. I am thinking of the Hadley Freeman and Suzanne Moore articles. Can someone tell me what’s wrong with them?

    The others are really trashy though.


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