For this week’s White Men Dancing Podcast Maurice Mcleod and Kiri Kankhwende are talking voter registration and youth engagement.

We tackle questions like:
  • Is Grime4Corbyn just the new Blacks for Trump?
  • Are the Tories now the party of the workers?
  • Are the Lib Dems really progressives?

Labour’s candidate for Battersea, Marsha De Cordova, joins us to talk about how it feels to be a candidate and how important it is to engage in the political system.

The full list of candidates for Battersea is:

  • Jane Ellison (C) (sitting MP)
  • Marsha De Cordova (Lab)
  • Richard Davis (LD)
  • Lois Davis (Green)
  • Eugene Power (UKIP)
  • Chris Coghlan (Ind)
  • Daniel Lambert (SPGB)

2015: C maj 7,938 (15.56%) – Turnout 51,031 (67.05%)

One thought on “GE2017: Why should young people vote? ft Marsha De Cordova | White Men Dancing the Podcast

  1. really disappointed to hear this podcast as they all sound so smug as if regurgitating what the media has been spouting or telling us what BS polls say means anything to anyone who believes they can do something about the current situation, I expected much more informed on the ground thinking about how best to make a change by voting for the parties that will remove the Tory majority. They sound like smart ass over educated kids… ‘rhetorical tanks on Labour’s lawn’ for F’s sake. Sounds cool, but is just media sound bite speak. Maybe I expected too much and had hoped to be inspired by this podcast to share it with young people who are amongst the many gropus who cold make a difference.


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