Hannah from We Are Black Journos shares photos from their launch night and discusses their mission to connect Black Journalists and create a new community.

We Are Black Journos is a platform bringing together Black British journalists and broadcasters, and creating a safe networking space where we can connect and learn from each other, and grow a presence in a predominantly white industry. After researching extensively, I was surprised that this very specific community didn’t already exist.

IMG_9993Claudia Liza Armah of Channel 5 News

We Are Black Journos aims to fill a gap by celebrating and connecting Black, and Black British journalists. Statistics of the entire number of Black journalists in the British broadcasting industry, are shocking. However, we do exist and are making moves. It’s time to familiarise ourselves with others in the same industry; grow and learn from each other, build together, and pass on that knowledge and areas of expertise to others also aspiring to join the field.

“It’s about who you know” is often a common thing said within the journalism industry, but what if we don’t have an auntie, uncle, or ‘friend’ to help us out? How do we truly get those advice and tips starting in an industry from scratch?”

We kicked off the launch night in Central London on Tuesday 27th November, where I introduced our aims and objectives, and we were joined by excellent speakers who are working in the industry.

IMG_0043Colleen Harris of the BBC

Guest speaker Claudia Liza Armah touched on trying to find a work/life balance as a newsreader for 5 News, and the importance of celebrating black journalists through events such as We Are Black Journos.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

Colleen Harris reflected on how her several years in the industry, including grassroots journalism in Birmingham, has developed her skill set of finding stories and exploring communities that aren’t often reported on in the UK. She also discussed the importance of representation, as well as providing excellent tips on how to apply for positions in broadcasting.

IMG_0044Ibrahim Kamara of GUAP

Ibrahim Kamara, who founded an incredible youth-orientated magazine platform GUAP, touched on the importance of staying connected and paying attention to the needs of young people, while Victoria Sanusi, an excellent writer and podcaster, spoke about being unapologetic and never being afraid to be yourself in an industry where we are very much in the minority.

Victoria Sanusi of iNews

There were many tips, much great advice and a multitude of connections made – which is exactly what I hoped for when launching We Are Black Journos. We’re empowering each other and this is just the start. Our aim for 2019 is to have a presence in a number of large organisations across the UK, so I’m excited for what the future holds.


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