As I look into the eyes of a broken mind, the loneliness inside that he can’t hide.
As he cuts into his body to find relief and the tears that have fallen to cover up his grief.
Helpless I am to take his pain, as he cuts further to cover up his shame.
My feeble attempts to show him care, as silence falls he just can’t share.
My words of compassion fall to the ground, as I listen to empty, no cry, no sound.
Helpless I am to dry away his tears, haunted by ghosts in his history.
There is a longing inside that his soul becomes free, HELPLESS.

I never wanted much and did all that you asked but it never made a difference you judged me by my past. I wanted to die cause you took away my hope, you lied to our faces every time you spoke.
Trust was like a treasure but like pirates you robbed, sat there in your parliament and that’s your job.
To listen, to try, to understand, this journey of IPP it’s all in your hands. We danced the dance you sold us, left and right we’d jump, off the cliffs of humiliation, why you sit there all puffed up.
I just gave up, all Hope you’d given me gone. So now I want to say “good bye those I love” Gone.

Where does a man turn after so long within these walls of uncertainty?  
Crowded by many who just can’t care, whose broken lives could never be shared.
The horizon called future within reach. How do you move towards Unknown Tomorrow?
Anxiousness tightly grips this heart, to unfold all that I hold, where do I start?
I’d be a liar if I said I was not afraid, but fear can’t chain my mind cause hope is set in my soul.
Unknown Tomorrow awaits in shade and future calls me out by the choices I made.
Six more days and I can do no more, hold my head up high as I close yesterday’s door.
I clear my thoughts as I sit in this cell, still is my heart, quite is my soul inviting peace, still is my soul, mindful tomorrow will cease.
No longer held by sorrow, I head into this new horizon, Unknown Tomorrow.

             THE FORGOTTON
You made so many promises but kept non, you gave hope to the ones you Forgotten then took it from our hands. You took away choice, ignore the emptiness this sentence created in our lives and for some you took away forever the goodbye.
IPP is like a circle no ending can be found, so we raise our voices to make you hear but your deaf to the truth and our pleas fall to the Ground.
But my hope is not lost and that’s not because of you, it’s by the voices of strangers, people you left in despair, because Dominic you can’t hear their pain, the loss or the cost, cause you simply don’t care.
But we do and the noise will get greater, because love and respect, care and commitment, will void you, as the government’s before that created this illegal broken sentence.
You are law breakers yourselves that leave hopeless these IPP’S sat in their cells.
But they are not Forgotten but you all soon will be, just as the ones before you. And when your faced with that loneliness, maybe then you’ll understand.

It starts with pain and ends in sorrow, when a person does not know what tomorrow brings. Clink, food, clink is not a life and those who turn the key are just as guilty.
But though you hold our lives and bring tears to our eyes, you still lose.
Respect to each one who’d had enough, and love to those left behind to carry the pain.
It’s time Dominic Raab to stop this game, not if cops and robbers but the sadness you create, for those that couldn’t it’s to late.
How do you sleep knowing another family grieves? Never to see their loved ones again, come on this sentence is insane.
Think, Stop, consider, no one’s a winner. STORY TOLD.

              TEARS OF YEARS
Through these eyes I have seen so much suffering that destroys so much deep within. In this heart I have kept so much anger, that had broken my mind there begins, a world much resentment, such darkness, uncovered in this once broken soul, like a flood it poured out all around me and the Tears if Years became known.
Through these eyes I have seen such destruction, selfishness it’s great plan, as I grew in this bubble of terrors as I changed from a child to a man.
The loneliness of my disasters and the shame if the memories once held, mostly unconscious in delusion as the story of history unfolds.
Now I am left with scares as I unfold my life to all, saddened and tired by my journey telling Tears of Years to all.

The IPP (indeterminate sentence for public protection) sentence was implemented in 2005 by the then secretary of state for Justice David Blunkett.. Between 2005 and 2013 8,711 people in England and Wales were given a particular type of life sentence, the IPP. B) Release all IPP prisoners on a licence more suited to their sentence.

Before 2005 the sentences were reserved for murder, the most serious cases of manslaughter, GBH and rape. The Criminal Justice Act 2003 introduced the Indeterminate sentence for public production, known as the IPP sentence.

The IPP was a life sentence that could be given for any of the 153 crimes, including affray and robbery.

Many of those crimes have never previously been given a life sentence. In 2012, the IPP sentence was abolished by the Government. But it was not abolished retrospectively. At the time of writing 3,252 people are still in prison serving IPP sentences. Apart from a handful of successful appeals, all people released on an IPP continue to serve their sentence in the community for life.

304 (3.5%) of IPP sentences were given to people aged 18 years.



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One thought on “An Uncertain Life – IPP Poetry

  1. Thanks to Sam and her team, having my expression finally out there is a dream, never thought would happen.
    Hopefully the representation of feeling and thought is recognised by those still trapped by this inhumane sentence.


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