Malia Bouattia

As the Black Student’s Officer for the National Union of Students (NUS) Malia Bouattia has worked tirelessly to ensure there is strong black representation at every level of the student Movement. Along with this she has continued to develop and be part of a strong NUS Black Students’ Campaign that increases the unity of all students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage which fights against racism in society and inequality in education and calls for international peace and justice for the Black majority of humanity.
Malia was lead organizer of one of the most successful NUS Black Students’ Winter Conferences ever which brought together Black students from over 60 campuses and was attended by special guest speaker Diane Abbott and rapper Akala. In her role as Black Students representative at the NUS National Executive she was part of a campaign which successfully overturned the ban on Muslim niqab at Birmingham Metropolitan College. Along with this she has lent her voice to a movement aiming to stop the deportation of International Students at London Metropolitan University and pushing for the NUS to support justice for Palestine after years of silence.
Her achievements do not stop there, Malia has founded, established and worked to promote a number of organisations including the Black Women’s Forum UK, the West Midlands Pan-African Students’ Union and the West Midlands Palestine societies Forum.
Due to her work there are now a record number of Black students elected in Students’ Unions. Some of the ways she assisted in making this happen include co-editing the NUS Black Students’ Handbook to equip students with the arguments and tools for increasing Black representation on campus and building up thriving Black Students’ Associations on her own campus and regionally. Most recently Malia has led ‘Operation Black Student Representation 2014’ which involved campaigning for Black students in Students’ Union elections from Warwick to Kings College London
Aside from the above Malia has led and supported a number of campaigns and causes including Palestinian Prisoners Day, United Families and Friends Campaign International Day of Action Against Police Brutality and Million Women Rise.
Malia’s many achievements have resulted in the buildup of a powerful black student’s campaign which has strengthened the fight against racism and inequality while uniting students from ethnic minorities.

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