Last year, Pass the Mic was funded to work with women of colour experts who were keen to develop opinion making in Scotland and publish their views and expertise with seven media partners. This year, Pss the Mic are delighted to re-launch the writers programme with 15 spaces. Partners confirmed so far, include:

There are some changes to the programme this year to allow us the ability to engage with the maximum number of women.

The programme exists for an eight month period, starting in February, with the aim to publish all articles by October 2022. Each writer will be linked with the media outlet most relevant to the way they wish to write and their area of expertise. We expect at least one article to be published (there may be a chance for more) and there will be a £100 payment (or vouchers if this is a requirement for your migration status or benefits support). All participants will be part of group development and discussion events and can recieve one to one support as requested.

Interested? Please fill out the form below – deadline 31st Jan 2022. We expect a higher number of applications than spaces, and our decision on access to the programme is based on the information you provide and ensuring the involvement of a wide range of expertise. Thank you and Pass the MIc will be in touch soon!

Please remember this opportunity is open only to women of colour in Scotland

Follow this link to apply

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For ideas about how you may resist the bill use BID Detention’s template to email your MP that the #BordersBill will criminalise refugees, erode the meagre rights of those subject to immigration control & sow further division into UK society. Click here for the petition. opposing clause 9 of the Nationality and Borders Bill. Sign, and share on your social media channels.

Find out who your MP is and what their email address is by going to and entering your postcode. Also find out which Lord is interested in the Nationality and Borders Bill and write to them by searching here. Template here

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