We are fundraising and we need your help!

Kickstarter campaign!

Kickstarter campaign!

Thanks for your support so far! Since Monday we’ve had another 25 backers as well as a blog by the RSA and an appearance on BBC Woman’s Hour. But we need your help to make this happen. We won’t get a penny if we don’t reach our target. Please can you tweet or post a Facebook update? Something like…

Support those working for change @WritersofColour are tackling the lack of diversity in UK media. They need our help https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1165950243/media-diversified

In order to reverse decades of under-representation of ethnic minority voices in the media the team at Media Diversified is running a campaign to build a custom interactive directory of writers and experts available for media outlets such as the BBC and ITV to subscribe to in order to commission guests for TV and radio shows or to write articles.

We’re very happy to have reached 80% of our fundraising target! Since we began we have had unprecedented levels of support from established authors including Zadie Smith, Sara Ahmed, Courttia Newland, Aminatta Forna and Leila Aboulela who have donated signed copies of their books because they support what we’re trying to do. Online, authors such as Gary Younge, Sunny SIngh, Tanya Byrne, Malorie Blackman and Caitlin Moran (our biggest donor so far!) have also been adding their weight behind our cause and we couldn’t be more grateful to them and the 135 people who have donated so far.

We have less than 10 days to complete the goal and intend to spread the word far and wide and hope you’ll help do so too! We were quoted and campaign mentioned recently in the World Association of Newspapers – Editors Forum “game-changer for online, print and broadcasting.”

The Media Diversified network as well as providing a resource for the media has also provided a much needed life-line and vibrant forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. It’s a mothership of affirmation and nurturing for writers, building resilience for the future and supporting people to take risks in tackling controversial topics and subjects that others aren’t. Long may that continue. Media Diversified is a 100% reader-funded, non-profit organisaton.

Please support our campaign by sharing with others and donating if you can. So much could be achieved with just a few resources: Media Diversified  - Kickstarter

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