The ‘Diversity Test’: Is the London LGBT Film Festival a white-only affair?

by Christina Fonthes Now in its 28th year, the highly-anticipated London Lesbian Gay Film Festival returned to the Southbank this year boasting a new name:  BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival. The festival,… Continue reading

Walls of Whiteness

by Sara Ahmed It has been heartening to witness a heightened concern with race and higher education. An increase of concern helps to expose the lack of previous concern. But is it a… Continue reading

No Alibis – Educating children about racism

by Margarita Aragon This past October I sat in the assembly room of my children’s primary school for the Year 1 presentation for parents. After a group of children in animal masks told us… Continue reading

Why are games with a customisable main character so popular?

by Brittney White The “diversity in video games” conversation has of late gained a lot of ground and reached larger levels within the gaming community. A recent example of this is the hour long speech… Continue reading

Loneliness, anger and learning to let go

By Huma Munshi I find summers a difficult time. Most people struggle in the winter with Seasonal Affective Disorder but, for me, it is the summer. It could be because three summers ago my… Continue reading

Daenerys Targaryen is back to “save the coloureds” Tour de #GameofThrones 2014

CONTENT NOTE: Some of the embedded links in this piece are NSFW.  by Shane Thomas  While not placing it in the pantheon of truly great television, I’ve been a fan of Game of Thrones… Continue reading

Part II The devastating consequences of “symbolic annihilation”

“When You’re Strange” by Zetta Elliott  PART II I felt like a stranger in my family—and in my country of origin, Canada—long before my father ever spoke those hurtful words. Orville Douglas is a… Continue reading

The “symbolic annihilation” of black children in literature can have devastating consequences. 

by Zetta Elliot “When You’re Strange” In 2005 I wrote my first memoir following the death of my father and the unexpected termination of what was supposed to be a year-long teaching assignment… Continue reading

Talk of a “post intersectional” utopia is bullshit

 by Huma Munshi I was not politically conscious or an activist as a student despite studying politics. I was a bystander but then circumstances propelled me into something much more and once your… Continue reading

Diversity ≠ White Genocide

The Team Recently we asked our Twitter followers to tell us their ‘media heroes of colour’,  names mentioned included actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, filmmaker Gurinder Chada, and columnist/ Editor Jamilah Lemieux. These figures have… Continue reading