by Jendella Benson 

“I hate how women think that they are doing me a favour by having sex with me,” he began. “What about me? My intimacy is just as valuable!” Aside from the bitter edge in his tone, I understood what he meant. I wanted to laugh and tell him that this was one of many reasons why he needed feminism. I wanted to tell him that it was patriarchy that told women that sex was some kind of trophy, a bargaining chip to manipulate men through their “uncontrollable” desire and need to penetrate. But I knew how he felt about feminism, and I didn’t have the mental energy to get into the back and forth. So I left it.

I hear or see complaints made by men about the nature of relationships and the sexual dynamics they find themselves in, and so often I want to tell them that “females” aren’t the problem, it’s patriarchy. But nine out of ten times the man complaining is so heavily invested in the oppressive imbalance of patriarchy in other ways, that I don’t really think they deserve an answer at all – if they’d even be open to it.

Because generally women bear the brunt of patriarchy, new feminist visions of love often focus on liberation for women from the sexism that throttles heterosexual relationships, but patriarchy, by its hierarchical nature, oppresses us all to some degree. And women can also be complicit in this as they buy into the restrictive “ideals” that patriarchy embodies and project those “ideals” onto their partners, defining appropriate and inappropriate forms of masculinity by the ficklest terms.

Men may reap certain privileges from the gender imbalance, but it doesn’t mean they are exempt from narrow paths of acceptance, and this toxic culture has rules about everything. There are expectations about how “real” men handle heartbreak (you get over it and stick your penis into the next willing woman), the appropriate noises to make during sex (no moans of ecstasy, please), and generally expressive emotion of any kind is frowned upon (don’t be too eager, avoid too much affection, and don’t you dare cry). Patriarchy even robs men of the simple joys of home life when it tells them that the home is the woman’s domain, nurturing children is a female concern, and the steadying comfort that can be found in long-term relationships is a prison that needs to be avoided for as long as possible. Feminism has long been accused of trying to destroy the family, but the burden of men as the overall provider keeps them out of the house working long and desperate hours, physically and emotionally disconnected from their partners and children. There are still many men who believe that they are only as useful as the balance of their bank accounts. And for those who dare to buck restrictive gender roles they may face the scorn of their peers and accusations of emasculation.

Perhaps circular discussions on social media about who should pay on a date, how much engagement rings should cost, or whether women should or should not propose are silent cries for help? Perhaps these are the first attempts at grappling with sexist socialisation that limits the possibility of mutually satisfying relationships? It’s a possibility, but since most of these discussions are derailed and never seem to break any new ground, I’ve completely disengaged.

However, it is clear when I talk to men I know on an individual level that they want to be in relationships with women who are ambitious, confident, self-reliant, and not ashamed of their bodies or their sexuality. The real question is whether the same men who want an empowered and liberated woman are willing to give up their own male privilege in order to facilitate that liberation. While equality is not a zero-sum game, misogyny and sexism cannot exist alongside the belief that women are actual people, with intelligence, agency and deserving of respect simply for the fact that they are sentient human beings. Furthermore, the ‘privileges’ afforded by patriarchy come with their own terms, conditions and potentially toxic consequences that we see explode time and again in male violence towards women and children, as well as other men.

It can be hard to imagine love and romance outside of sexist rules of engagement when that is all you’ve ever known, but so many of us are so dissatisfied with where things are at the moment, I can’t think of any logical reason to hold on to things as they are. New feminist visions of love not only allow for the empowerment of women but also create space to unshackle men from the confines of shallow masculinity. Not only is “feminism for everyone”, but feminist relationships can be liberating for all.

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16 thoughts on “Feminist love will save men too

  1. Wow! Extraordinary comments to this post show some men to be aggressive and bullying. I feel vaguely embarrassed by the degree to which they want to turn sexual relations into a victim game. It seems to me that the world has changed- due to the death of God, scientific and technological advances and some good old-fashioned arguing. There really is no point in men stomping around like angry mammoth-hunters when the person who is going to award them their next pay rise is a woman, the person who treats their stress-ulcer is a woman too and the woman who calmly processes their request for their next bank loan wants to be treated equally.

    I think these men need to come to terms with the world as it is today and begin to enjoy the freedoms that equality gives from all the tiresome nonsense of the past.


  2. This is such nauseating rubbish I can’t get through the first paragraph. It’s definitely recognisably feminist straight away: Utter brainsludge right from the start.


  3. >Aside from the bitter edge in his tone, I understood what he meant.

    So you don’t understand why he might be bitter?

    I take it by feminist love, you mean the love of people with beliefs similar to yours?

    That is, people who can’t process his bitterness, and want to laugh at his predicament? And cant be bothered to argue with him?

    Men will be saved by people like that?

    You essay is a pretty bitter condemnation of men, and the idea that they might have legitimate concerns worthy of compassion.

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  4. That was…… William Craig level religious apologetic stunt you’ve just pulled there, ma’am.

    No wonder Feminists often hate atheists with a passion……

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  5. I know his reason to hate feminism.
    On my experience feminism jumps between two gears on the same woman.
    “I’m entitled to sex with you” to “sex is a supernatural form of torture men use to control and terrorize women”.

    But I’m great at this stuff, it seems I have some immunity when it comes to what most guys face, so I can throw their rethoric right back at you.
    It’s a fun thing to have a feminist ask “did I raped you” and say “no, you repeatedly pressured me heavy and guilty shamed me into sex while I was so drunk I was afraid to pass out and puke all over, you used extreme force and scratched me without asking for consent due to your excitation and sorta pushed off the line, but I’ve been there and this isn’t rape, this was regrettable sex and I suspect it sucked to you as much as it sucked to me, but I did consented to sex though I repeatedly told you to stop there until you heard and respected it, even though you pestered me again and again and I complied again and again. I didn’t came and I suspect you didn’t neither, so you should have just watched porn and masturbated, because we have had great sex other times. This is what cellphones are for.”
    I actually had stuff like this happen time and time again, quite fun if you think well about it, but there’s risks about it, some don’t take no for an answer and don’t stick to begging, pleading, insisting and guilt tripping. And nothing beats having some balls and leave a feminist hanging with a swollen clit.

    And it isn’t patriarchy that tells you that, it’s mommy and daddy that call you a princess and say you can’t do anything wrong to any boy in the world. It’s not even feminism, you tell that to your groups and they catch up, that’s why we have mary khoss.


  6. What an extremely misandric article. It has everything. Privilege, patriarchy, how men are monsters, back handed insults to women who do not believe your ideology, and so on.

    If you want examples of how liberating “feminist love” is, look at exclusionary radical feminist lesbian communities and their extremely high domestic violence rate.

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  7. A few things, if so called “male privilege” is conditional on behaving a certain way then it’s not really a privilege but an exchange. For example men have the ability to vote only if they agree to die for their country should the need arise, while women have the privilege of voting without that agreement. Also, what exactly are you liberating women from, and how is that conditional on so called “male privilege”? What do those things have to do with each other, and what exactly do you expect men to give up? Men are not given anything for free, they have to work for it. You even point out how men work long hours, but they are not doing that for their health, and usually not for themselves either. Most women won’t look twice at a man who makes less than her, and if you say that that is women being “complicit in patriarchy” then you should really call it what is, traditionalism. Don’t playing confusing word games by using an alternate definition of patriarchy which, when conflated with the commonly understood definition, turns into an implication that everything in society that feminists don’t like is the fault of men. It’s next to impossible to love someone that you, consciously or otherwise, blame for all of your problems. Men will not and should not become feminists until you stop blaming them for everything.

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  8. As the honeybadgers put, as always, wonderfully.
    Blame or love, pick one and stick with it.
    Your hate and bias show through this article, it’s time for a little self reflection.

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  9. “Feminism has long been accused of trying to destroy the family, but the burden of men as the overall provider keeps them out of the house working long and desperate hours, physically and emotionally disconnected from their partners and children.”

    Then, by all means, return to this discussion when women – feminist or not – are willing and able to work the same long and desperate hours to keep society running, preferably without turning these fields of skilled and necessary work into the usual festivals of complaint and litigation. After all, for starters, the notorious wage gap you keep on yapping about will have magically disappeared. Thank you.

    “There are still many men who believe that they are only as useful as the balance of their bank accounts. And for those who dare to buck restrictive gender roles they may face the scorn of their peers and accusations of emasculation.”

    Not only by their peers. In practice, feminists are no exceptions to the hypergamy game. Not even them. “Where have all the good men gone?” Sob, sob. – So in the unlikely event you are truly advocating against this and actually putting your money where your mouth is: thank you very much. Won’t hold my breath though. Not any time soon.

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  10. Ah, the difference between theory and practice, especially once the 2nd child comes along and careers evolve… Perfectly and calmly written article. Especially loved this: ‘The real question is whether the same men who want an empowered and liberated woman are willing to give up their own male privilege in order to facilitate that liberation.’

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    1. The only “privilege” men have is genital mutilation and military disposability. As long as you keep hating men with your hateful privilege rhetoric, things will continue to get worse.

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    2. Nah, you can share our “privileges” instead. I genuinely want you to do so.

      And after enjoying half of our “privileges” for just a day, I am 100% sure that you WILL come back to us in tears, either bitterly whining and moaning or begging us to never even talk about “liberation” for the remaining duration of your life so that you can return to your well-fed, well-dressed, air-conditioned previous existence.


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