Black men are made to feel ugly, and we need to talk about it

Derek Owusu talks about the emotional challenges faced by British black men when it comes to Eurocentric norms of attractiveness Read More

When French Beauty Means White Beauty

by Vanessa Willoughby When we talk about French beauty, we’re often discussing a few select traits that reflect a monolithic and colourless idealization. The usual idols are brought up as universal representations of the epitome: Brigitte Bardot, Anna Karina, and Françoise Hardy to recent celebrities including Marion Cotillard and Audrey Tatou. These women represent an… Read More

India Reimagined

by Huma Munshi Ten years ago, I travelled to India with my parents to get married to a man I had met only a handful of times. This was not a marriage in any real sense of the word; it was done without my consent and despite my many protestations. I left that “marriage” but… Read More

“but everybody on TV is white and all the nice people are blonde.”

by Hana Riaz Earlier this summer, my beautiful then five-year-old Nepali nieces sat with me in our garden enjoying the warm and easy sun. What started as a conversation about what happens to melanin when it finds home in all that glorious vitamin d, looking at our skin browner than it’s winter shade, turned into… Read More